US invites reprisals by harassing CPC crew members: Global Times editorial
Published: Nov 30, 2020 08:03 PM

China US Photo: VCG

The current US government's provocation of China has taken on a new look. According to media reports, since September, US law enforcement officials have launched raids on Chinese ships and airplanes. They questioned those on board whether they are members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and even asked about reasons for joining the CPC. The interrogations sometimes lasted several hours. Such kinds of raids have never happened between China and the US in the past. The current US government is the first one to do so. 

The current US government has not only worsened China-US relations, but also created a new anti-China approach: It distinguishes CPC from China in name and sets the CPC as the main target, but the ultimate goal is the China that is steadily developing itself. This way, it intends to turn China-US conflicts into value confrontations so that it can mobilize its Western allies to join the anti-China front. It also hopes to help pro-US forces in China "justify" themselves politically and morally and legitimatize Washington's extreme anti-China policy in the West.  

However, a hooligan is always a hooligan. Even if he dresses in a tuxedo and holds a walking stick, what he says and acts has definitely a hooligan flavor. The CPC is not only China's ruling party, but also the political backbone of China as a modern country. It's the blood that supports the country's healthy and robust operations, and it represents the spirit of China's rapid development and continuous progress. The CPC has more than 90 million members. Together with their families, friends and close contacts, they constitute the majority of the population of China. Opposing the CPC is to turn against the entirety of the Chinese people and Chinese society.  

The Trump administration is muddleheaded, reckless and conceited. Their handling of the COVID-19 epidemic has killed over 260,000 Americans. The Trump team is startlingly opinionated. It's obvious they are not capable of understanding the role the CPC has been playing in China and cannot figure out what it will mean if they focus on attacking the CPC. 

If a man is strange in one aspect, he is weird in all aspects. It is also the case with a ruling team. It's not accidental that the current US administration has played stupid tricks to deal with the CPC. See how it withdrew from the Paris climate agreement and how it found fault with the WHO. When it questioned those on board whether they are CPC members, its behavior is too weird to be true.

A smart solution is needed to counter the rogue administration of the US which is stepping down.

First, given the actual influence of the current administration is collapsing, it remains uncertain if its extreme action could be continued. 

Second, China needs to take countermeasures against the extreme action of the incumbent US government and let the new government come to realize the risks of challenging China's interests. China should not swallow the insult because the current administration is stepping down, or else the Biden team would make miscalculations and behave more outrageously in jeopardizing China's interests.

Third, investigating who are CPC members is barbaric. This is not only politically malicious, but also violates human rights. We should let the world see the craziness of the current US government and the loss of rationality in the US' China policy in the past few years.

Fourth, China's countermeasures should not target innocent Americans who come to China, or it would mean China is as morally low as the US. The continuity of China's foreign policy should not be tamed with the stepping down of the current US government. We should make the precise target on the current administration and executors of its anti-China policies.

Fifth, we propose that China list diplomatic and national security staff in Washington who have played a role in inciting the US government to attack the CPC and sanction them. Those who actively implemented the anti-CPC policies should also be sanctioned, and sanctioned hard.

China has accumulated some experience in countering US provocations. Most importantly, China has become mentally adapted to such competition with the US. Looking back on the past four years, we can conclude that Washington has not exploited any gains. China's GDP this year will equal 70 percent of the US GDP, while four years ago the number was only close to 60 percent. This is the most ruthless mockery of the insane suppression of China by the outgoing Trump administration.