China fully prepared, including militarily, for any final Trump madness
Published: Dec 06, 2020 01:48 PM

China US Photo: VCG

The Donald Trump administration is utilizing its last 40 days in office to keep provoking China. Some Chinese people think it is not worthwhile to wrangle with the team now and suggest it is better to be tolerant of it. Such a strategy is dangerous. Once they believe we will exercise patience no matter what happens, they will definitely become insatiable and more unscrupulous. They will carry out moves that will severely jeopardize China's national interests, setting up a demonstration and even kidnapping the future agenda of the incoming Joe Biden administration. 

We must resolutely combat the arrogance of Trump's team at every turn. If they make vicious moves that cross the bottom line, we should be fearless to engage in a high-intensity confrontation. 

There have been various speculations that Trump administration may make big moves during its last days in the White House. This could include sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit the island of Taiwan for further rabble rousing. Some say Trump may even make a flash visit to the island himself, and announce the establishment of "diplomatic relations" with the island. If so, China's response must be a devastating punch to the Democratic Progressive Party's authorities who have been coordinating with Trump administration, to hold their feet to the fire. 

China's mildest option should be to send warplanes to fly over the Taiwan island. They could decide whether to fly at ultra-low altitudes across Taipei, based on the severity of the situation, to declare China's sovereignty. That would be a heavy blow to the arrogance of the US and the island. 

We should have full confidence that the whole world can see how the Trump administration is undermining the China-US relations in an unprecedented and anti-rule based manner. It is clear that the Trump team, despite all its insanity, is at its most vulnerable and least supportive moment before it leaves office. It is attempting to set a hard line against China for the next president. Moreover, it is a calculated move to dominate the national strategy of the US across their tenure, and a serious disruption of the normal transfer of power. 

Everyone in the international community knows that the Trump administration is now provoking China. A visit by Pompeo or by one at more senior level would be a gross violation of the one-China principle. This is by no means acceptable to Beijing. The whole world knows how China will react — any strong response will be understandable. 

Therefore, we are not afraid of serious crisis in the Taiwan Straits at this time. Let our aircraft fly over the island. Our legitimacy of counterattacking US-Taiwan's line-breaking provocation will have a moral high ground. The so-called Taiwan military doesn't have the guts to open fire at the PLA. They are fully aware that if they open fire, it will mark the start of war. Our military will immediately inflict devastating blows on the Taiwan military airfield and other important military facilities.

The Chinese army is fully prepared for military conflict scenarios. And it will win the support of the whole country. Morale in Taiwan will quickly collapse. It is apparent to all that Trump's erratic moves are only being done for self-interest and ambition of a small circle. These wild antics are not supported by the majority of American citizens. China is bound to win the conflict and the Trump administration will leave office disgracefully. 

We need to keep calm. The current bad state of China-US relations is not what the Chinese side wants to see. However, sudden misfortunes cannot be avoided. We need to calmly face the waves stirred up by the Trump administration in its final stage of madness. 

China is a nuclear and space power. We have ample combat capabilities near the first island chain and strong anti-access capabilities. If the Trump administration wants to stage a farewell show at the Taiwan Straits, they will bring disgrace on their own head. By winning this battle, China will establish new dignity. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn