Courier services to North China’s Shijiazhuang impacted by new outbreak
Published: Jan 06, 2021 05:08 PM

Hebei Province announced on Wednesday to control 10 highways that connect Shijiazhuang in Hebei to the capital Beijing, and to other adjacent provinces amid virus resurgence. Photo: VCG

Package delivery to Shijiazhuang, capital of North China's Hebei Province, has been impacted after dozens of COVID-19 cases were reported there, with some courier firms halting delivery, to cut the risks of spreading the virus to other provinces and cities.

Shijiazhuang city has announced the suspension of collecting and delivering packages for three days to have all all delivery stations as well as requiring packages be disinfected in a bid to ensure public safety, local media Hebei Daily reported on Wednesday.

China Transport News reported that the Shijiazhuang post bureau did not request courier services to halt their business, rather it's trying to assist delivery firms resume their regular service, according to a government official. The Global Times failed to reach the bureau on Wednesday.

Leading delivery firm SF Express told the Global Times that it would follow the latest guidance of Shijiazhuang regulators. A worker surnamed Liu at a ZTO Express' delivery station in Yiwu, East China's Zhejiang Province, said that packages can still be sent to Shijiazhuang from the city, and they haven't received further notice.

Yunda Express told the Global Times on Wednesday the company's package collection and delivery business in all medium- and high-risk regions across the country has been suspended. "All packages delivered to Hebei must undergo terminal disinfection," it said.

A Shijiazhuang resident surnamed Zhang told the Global Times that she can't receive a package on Wednesday. "My package has been delivered to our district this morning, but the deliveryman said that the package won't be delivered and will be returned to its city of origin," she said.

Amid expectation of surging protective products needed by the city, some stores prioritize product delivery to Shijiazhuang. A service staff at a healthcare equipment store on e-commerce marketplace Taobao named Haohushi told the Global Times on Wednesday that orders from Shijiazhuang will be given priority, and can be delivered via ZTO Express, YT Express or Express Mail Service.

The province has entered "war footing" on Tuesday to arrest the virus spreading. It will carry out a comprehensive epidemiological investigation into potentially infected personnel and strengthen prevention and control measures in key areas.

After recording 59 cases in three days, Hebei reported 20 confirmed cases and 43 asymptomatic cases on Wednesday, with most cases in Shijiazhuang, according to local health authorities.

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