Calling Chinese media reports on Capitol riot ‘propaganda’ arrogant, double standards: FM
Published: Jan 08, 2021 08:38 PM

Hua Chunying File Photo

Whether the Chinese media reported the US Capitol riot or not, the fact was there and why said the Chinese media’s reports are propaganda when the US media has been making lots of reporting and comments? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying asked at a press conference on Friday.

Hua was responding to comments made by some Western media that China is using the US Capitol riot as a chance for propaganda. 

The riots in Washington DC, the storming of the US Capitol by hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters which ended with four dead, 52 arrested and 14 police officers injured on Thursday shocked the world. 

Hua said that the US media reported on the riots with photos and videos, and leaders around the world reacted to the incident, and people in the US also expressed their views. “I don’t know why it is called propaganda when Chinese media reported it.”

“I asked one question yesterday on why some people used different words and gave an opposite response when similar scenarios happened in the US and China’s Hong Kong. Why call Chinese media’s reports on facts as propaganda or disinformation? If they are unwilling to hear the reports on facts, does it mean these are not reports?” Hua said. 

The spokesperson said that whether the Chinese media reports it or not, the fact is there. Some people think that when it refers to the West, it is “democracy” or “freedom” even though it creates dissatisfaction; but when it comes to China, it is “authoritarian” even though they envy China. For the problems of the US and Western countries, they could say anything and even have a battle of words, but the Chinese cannot say anything about them, according to Hua.

Hua said that it’s time for all of them to wake up to reflect, abandon double standards and get to know each other candidly. Especially for media, objectivity and authenticity are the principles that should be abided by, and are important for the world. 

Global Times