Pompeo's attacks on CPC are an evil legacy: FM
Published: Jan 11, 2021 06:01 PM

Mike Pompeo Photo:AFP

After US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's new round of social media attacks on the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday slammed him as leaving an evil legacy from his tenure, but adding that his final frenzy is doomed to fail.

Pompeo has constantly criticized CPC policies on religion, human rights, Tibet and Xinjiang affairs, which Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian slammed as an evil legacy rather than a political heritage. 

Pompeo's biggest legacy is his lying diplomacy, Zhao said, adding that Pompeo not only intentionally spreads a political virus, but is also trying to bring back the ghost of McCarthyism. "Pompeo has done more damage to US relations with other countries and to the US' international reputation than any other US administration in history," Zhao said. 

The key to China's development is the Chinese people, with the leadership of the CPC charting a way that is suitable for China. The way prioritizes people's interests, focuses on reform and innovation, and seeks development via opening-up, Zhao said, noting that the CPC is therefore embraced by the Chinese people with a satisfaction rate of above 90 percent.

Pompeo's vicious attacks on the CPC are attacks on 1.4 billion Chinese people. No matter how much the US Secretary of State lies in his daily routine or shows a final frenzy, he cannot sow discord between the Chinese people and CPC, or hinder 1.4 billion Chinese people from pursuing better lives, Zhao said. 

"Any country's China policy aiming to transform or subvert the Chinese government is mission impossible and is doomed to fail," the spokesperson said. 

Global Times