Hong Kong should explore ways to ensure security of elections: Global Times editorial
Published: Jan 12, 2021 09:57 PM

Hong Kong file photo

The spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said on Tuesday that ensuring the security of all elections in Hong Kong is an inevitable requirement to maintain national security, and that elections in Hong Kong must be held in accordance with the "one country, two systems" principle and the Basic Law.

Chaos took place in the Legislative Council election and the District Council elections a few years ago. Some radical forces had tried to turn the elections into a process of splitting society and paralyzing the legal system and administrative functions of Hong Kong, in an attempt to detach elections in Hong Kong from the mission of the special administrative region.

There is no perfect election system. There are people who always try to exploit loopholes. Besides the radical opposition in Hong Kong, forces in the US and the UK that back the Hong Kong opposition have also been dedicated to looking for loopholes in the city's election system. 

They twisted the meaning of the democratic system in Hong Kong and created a discourse context in which the spirit of the "one country, two systems" could be seriously misunderstood. They distorted the articles in the Basic Law to such an extent that the practice of Hong Kong's election system was systematically misplaced. 

Consequently, loopholes were exploited and controversies aroused during an election, which created a favorable space for some secessionists who oppose the Basic Law. Once they entered the Legislative Council and the District Councils, some even threw insults into their pledges and politically clashed with the Constitution and the Basic Law. 

Within Hong Kong society, radical protests have helped exacerbate extreme values. The concepts of democracy and freedom have been manipulated by the opposition and used as tools. Violence has become political coercion, and elections have been made into a channel through which the opposition enjoys the fruits of street movements. Legislative institutions are being used as a tool to overthrow the constitutional order in Hong Kong. 

What Hong Kong's extreme opposition and foreign forces have tried to achieve is to seize the power of the special administrative region. They are trying to change the channel and process of elections in Hong Kong with opinions and street violence, so as to change the political course of the Legislative Council election and the district council elections fundamentally and change the nature of Hong Kong's system.

All these must be stopped. The national security law for Hong Kong has dealt a heavy blow to the subversive activities in which the opposition mobilizes others to oppose the central government and destabilize Hong Kong through the so-called primaries. But this is not enough. The fundamental policy is not to give them any chance to exploit the loopholes. 

Public opinion in Hong Kong is manipulated and influenced by some foreign forces and that values in Hong Kong are in a state of confusion. We must face up to some negative consequences of past elections and discuss in a serious manner long-term measures that ensure the security of all kinds of elections in Hong Kong.

Elections in Hong Kong must stick to the principle that only those who love the country and love Hong Kong can rule Hong Kong, and those who oppose the central government and destabilize Hong Kong have to be kicked out. This principle must be implemented so that chaos during elections is eradicated. Only in this way can the "one country, two systems" principle and the Basic Law be implemented, and national security and Hong Kong's prosperity and stability be maintained. The positive energy from people who love the country and love Hong Kong in Hong Kong society will have strong support.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China. Anyone in Hong Kong who confronts the central government and the special administrative region government has no political prospects. 

An end must be put to their illusions that crooked means bring political benefits.