Inflatable testing labs, trailer-based CT scanners, empower North China’s coronavirus fight
Published: Jan 13, 2021 11:40 PM

Photo: CCTV

China’s tech prowess, which has proven  effective in containing the coronavirus during China’s anti-epidemic fight, has been put to use again in the latest outbreak in North China’s Hebei Province over the past weeks, and in a more efficient and mature manner.

Photo: CCTV

Inflatable Huo-Yan labs, developed by BGI group a Shenzhen-based genomics firm, can improve the city’s COVID-19 test capability. They were set up in 10 hours in Shijiazhuang on Saturday and can conduct tests on 1 million samples a day, the firm said in a statement sent to the Global Times.

The mobile, trailer-based CT scanner was provided by Central China’s Hubei Province and is in use in Nangong city in Hebei Province to help check patients with elevated temperatures on Tuesday.

Equipped with 5G equipment, the CT scanner can  connect remotely with a medical imaging department of a hospital in Wuhan, and can transmit images to the hospital to provide remote diagnosis, according to a report from Wuhan local newspaper Changjiang Daily.

It can speed up patient diagnosis and treatment and reduce the risk of infection among medical staff, the report said.

Photo: CCTV

Drones and robots are also being used to disinfect communities not only in Hebei, but also across the country.

On Wednesday, Hebei officials reported 90 new confirmed cases on Tuesday, including 84 cases in the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang and six in the city of Xingtai, according to official data.

Across the country, more Chinese provinces and cities have also tightened travel guidelines during the upcoming Spring Festival due to a worsening epidemic situation. 

Global Times
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