Hospital environment in N China’s Inner Mongolia tests positive for COVID-19
Published: Jan 14, 2021 01:37 PM

Two medical staffers at a designated plasma collection center of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Photo: Chen Xia/GT

A hospital in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported on Thursday that its environment tested positive for COVID-19. The hospital immediately conducted closed management and started nucleic acid testing for the personnel on site and an epidemiological investigation. 

The test result for the environment of the People's Hospital of the Ewenki Autonomous Banner in Hulun Buir came back positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday after two rounds of nucleic acid testing and a review by the city's health commission. 

The local epidemic prevention and control section has required all people who have visited the hospital since December 31, 2020 to report to the banner's CDC.

The city has since suspended passenger buses from Hailar to Bayantohai township, where the hospital is located, as well as buses passing through or arriving at the township, until further notice.

The banner will be managed under a closed-loop system to minimize the movement of people and control traffic flow to the maximum extent. Vehicles are only allowed to run in the city according to fixed routes in order to guarantee epidemic prevention and control, urban operation, production and living, and transportation of materials.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been free of locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in the past month. 

Global Times