WHO's British expert allowed to enter China after negative second test: Chinese FM
Published: Jan 15, 2021 05:11 PM


Two experts from the World Health Organization (WHO)'s expert team on a mission to investigate the novel coronavirus' origin - one British and one from Qatar - tested positive for IgM antibodies during transit tests at Singapore airport before heading to Wuhan. The British expert has since been allowed to enter China after their second test produced a negative result, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Friday. 

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian confirmed at Friday's media briefing that 13 members of the 15-member expert team from the WHO arrived in Wuhan on Thursday and checked into their designated hotel for quarantine. 

Two experts - one from Britain and a Sudanese expert from Qatar - tested positive for IgM antibodies during transit tests at the Singapore airport, but out of support for the work of the WHO, China agreed to carry out a second round of IgM antibody tests on the two experts. The results showed that the British expert was negative, but the Sudanese expert from Qatar was still positive, Zhao said. 

We agreed to allow the British expert to enter China. We will continue to keep in touch with the WHO on relevant issues, Zhao said. 

China's remote testing regulations are based on the current international situation and practices of many countries; they are aimed at ensuring the orderly exchange of personnel between China and foreign countries on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention.

This is to safeguard the hard-won achievements in the prevention and control of the epidemic in China, and minimize the risk of cross-infection as travelers head to China, Zhao said. 

According to regulations, all travelers coming to China from Singapore must provide a nucleic test and an IgM antibody test taken within two days before their flight, and then apply for a green health QR code. 

Global Times