Chinese Embassy in the US warns over ‘highly worrisome’ security situation
Published: Jan 17, 2021 12:27 AM

Photo: Xinhua

 The Chinese Embassy in the US has strongly warned Chinese citizens and institutions in the US to stay alert of what it calls “highly worrisome” public security and COVID-19 epidemic situations in the country.

In a notice, the embassy said that the current security situation in the US is extremely serious, pointing out that the US capital of Washington has declared a state of emergency and the National Guard has deployed a large force to maintain the security of the capital. Many states have also taken corresponding security measures to varying degrees, it said.

“The public security situation is highly worrisome,” the embassy said, urging Chinese nationals to take safety precautions and avoid protests and gatherings. It also pointed out that a Chinese student was shot dead in Chicago a week ago.

Following the violent riots at the US Capitol last week, US authorities have stepped up security measures in Washington ahead of the presidential inauguration scheduled for January 20 with thousands of National Guardsmen and law enforcement agents in the capital. US officials have also warned of more violent activities around the inauguration.

The Chinese Embassy said that the COVID-19 epidemic in the US persists, with constantly new highs of confirmed cases and deaths and appearance of new variants.

The US marks the highest confirmed COVID-19 cases and death toll all over the world, with more than 23 million infections and 392,182 fatalities as of press time, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

The embassy urged Chinese nationals to call US authorities in case of danger or emergency and call the embassy for consular services and assistance. 

Global Times