Samples of China’s vaccination sites test positive for non-infectious inactivated coronavirus used in vaccines: CDC
Published: Jan 25, 2021 12:03 AM

Medical workers check out people's health condition before vaccination at a temporary vaccination site in Chaoyang district, Beijing, on Monday. Photo: Li Hao/GT

Some regions in China have detected inactivated coronavirus used in vaccines at COVID-19 vaccination sites and is not contagious, China's national Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Sunday, but urged the sites remain vigilant for infectious versions of the virus. 

China's CDC conducted nucleic acid tests of the environment of vaccination sites across some provinces and cities recently, revealing that samples collected from tables, walls, corridors and doorknobs of vaccination sites tested positive for inactivated coronavirus. 

After analysis of genome sequencing of coronavirus found in the environmental samples and vaccine vial residues, results concluded that the two genomes were identical. But the gene consequence of samples is significantly different from the virus strains found in local outbreaks or cases.

The inactivated vaccine solution may result in a positive nucleic acid tests at the vaccination site due to contamination of the medical worker's clothing, gloves or personal goods. 

All the medical workers have tested negative, according to the CDC.

China's CDC advised strengthening prevention measures for vaccination sites, such as speeding up vaccination and daily disinfection.

The CDC requires enhanced management of medical waste in vaccination units, like using double-layer waste bags for packaging and sealing, to prevent the contamination of the environment outside vaccination sites by the inactivated virus through medical waste.

Global Times

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