‘Taiwan independence’ means war not empty threat: Global Times editorial
Published: Jan 29, 2021 07:32 PM

The guided-missile frigate Zhoushan (Hull 529), together with the guided-missile destroyers Taizhou (Hull 138) and Hangzhou (Hull 136), steam to designated sea area in East China Sea during a maritime realistic training exercise in early January, 2021. They are attached to a destroyer flotilla with the navy under the PLA Eastern Theater Command.Photo:China Military


Wu Qian, spokesperson of China's Ministry of National Defense, sternly warned on Thursday that "Taiwan independence" means war. Both the island of Taiwan and the US responded to his remarks. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday that the Pentagon "sees no reason why tensions over Taiwan need to lead to anything like confrontation." He reaffirmed the US' "obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act" and the US military "remains ready in all respects to meet our security commitments in the region."

Taiwan's "mainland affairs council" pretends to be unswayed, saying on Thursday that the mainland should think carefully and not underestimate the island's determination to defend its "sovereignty" and "uphold freedom and democracy." It also warned that any of the mainland's words and deeds that deliberately provoke Taiwan's bottom line may cause far-reaching effects that the mainland cannot bear. This is the typical gesture for the Taiwan authority to put on an air.

Taiwan and the US should be sent a message: Do not misjudge or underestimate the Chinese mainland's determination and will to defend its territorial integrity and to severely punish the reckless acts of "Taiwan independence" forces. If the island of Taiwan and the US regard the previous US administration's last-minute acts as a new starting point of their ties and continue to promote "Taiwan independence," it is predictable that military conflicts will be triggered across the Taiwan Straits.

We urge Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to give up their performance of pretending to be fearless. They are dividing the country and will eventually be eliminated by force if they don't stop before it's too late. 

The mainland has abundant power to do so. The 1.4 billion Chinese people are especially united in defending their territorial integrity. "Taiwan independence" means war - this is not only the declaration of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), but also the common attitude of all Chinese people. The DPP must not take any chances.

Since the Tsai Ing-wen authority came to power, they have refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus, fundamentally undermining mutual development across the Straits. They have also abused Taiwan's ties with the US, pushing the two into a strategic dead end. The mainland has blocked them from the front, and it would be a suicidal act for them to keep rushing forward on the wrong path. If they want to find a new way, their only choice is to stop, go back and walk out of the dead end.

The DPP authority must fully understand that they are already in danger. They engage in undercover "Taiwan independent" acts and strengthen their collusion with the US, increasing the mainland's cost of dealing with the Taiwan question. Their behavior has irritated the Chinese mainland. Mainland public opinion has been increasingly talking about using forces and promoting peace and reunification with the use of force. If Taiwan authorities keep engaging in major moves to collude with the US, it would not be surprising if the PLA teaches them an unprecedented lesson. 

The mainland is militarily prepared for such a lesson. The public is also prepared psychologically. This is not an empty threat. Taiwan authorities need to see it's a possible scenario, in which the arrow is fitted to the string.

Taiwan authorities are weak. Ordinary people in the island do not want to take the risk of "Taiwan independence" along with them, who are completely incapable of taking any major moves. They have already gone too far in the early stages and severe punishments await them. They must be very cautious in the future. Otherwise, the countdown will begin for the destruction of this separatist authority.

Taiwan authorities are small and they must be aware of current affairs. But they are ignorant of current affairs and cling to the US and its Indo-Pacific Strategy, believing they can do whatever they want or even become a "country" with US support. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China with strong legal bond. The short distance between the two sides of the Straits also makes this historical fact unchangeable. The rise of the Chinese mainland's economic and military power has buried the "Taiwan independence" opportunism. Never before in modern times has Taiwan's destiny been so clearly held in the mainland's hands as it is today. Taiwan authority should not misjudge the situation.

No one dares to really collide with Chinese mainland's will to defend its core interests in the Taiwan Straits. Do Taiwan authorities want to collide? They will be like a moth to a flame.