China’s pragmatic diplomacy is taking effect against US tarnishing: Global Times editorial
Published: Feb 06, 2021 08:13 PM

China-US Photo: GT

China's down-to-earth diplomatic approach is gradually showing its effectiveness. The US strategy of comprehensively suppressing China, which started from the previous US administration, has crumbled.

The US' actual performance is poor and the country is only high-profile in preaching ideology, while China has fulfilled responsibilities of a great power on many issues. US deception cannot last long and facts eventually speak louder than words.

The new US administration announced in a high-profile manner to fix alliances. But when the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is testing the US and Europe as a community of interests, Washington has quietly flinched. The US has hyped the so-called value alliance in recent years, as if values are everything. But when it comes to distribution of interests, "America First" would immediately step forward. The epidemic situations in the US and Europe are equally serious, but the US' vaccination is several times faster than that of Europe. Washington is saying one thing and doing another, and the impact of such an act outweighs any preaching.

China has been falsely accused by the US of violating human rights, eroding world democracy and engaging in bullying and coercion. However, China has done a good job in fighting COVID-19 and the efforts have greatly benefited its people. This fact cannot be concealed by Western public opinion institutions. There is more and more positive talk on this in international society.

China does not interfere in other countries' internal affairs. During the COVID-19 fight last year, China provided other countries with a large amount of urgently needed materials with no political conditions attached. How can China's positive role be denied? Now, China's vaccines are continuously exported to developing countries, but the American and British vaccines are used for themselves first. The contrast is sharp. This is another important example for the world to understand which side is more reliable - China, or the US and the UK?

Over the past few years, Washington's messages toward Beijing have been confrontational, while China has been relatively restrained and has repeatedly expressed its willingness to cooperate with the US and manage differences. In addition, US policies have changed from time to time and China's policies have been consistent. No matter how the US and its allies distort China's attitude, Beijing will inevitably gain a positive impression.

The US and its major allies have attacked China fiercely on issues including Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and the very few attackers have pushed such attacks to the extremes. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. What's important is the situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang is improving, which will help correct the misunderstandings.

China's development has not been crushed by the US. The construction of national power continues to accelerate, which will be a long-term positive shaping power for international public opinion concerning China. China is not aggressive in international competition, but is generally defensive. This is a fundamental reason for the outside world to form good impression of China. On these foundations, if China does one thing well, it will be a positive accumulation of international recognition of China. Scolding China out of thin air and demonizing China with prejudice will not last long.

Most countries are increasingly aware that cooperating with China guarantees equality and reciprocity best. The so-called debt trap and coercive diplomacy are malicious propaganda and framing. The US' human rights attacks and labeling China as having different values may be the last tactics that are still effective and deceptive.

But the effectiveness of this trick is also limited. People in different countries have a basic understanding of the diversity of human society. Exaggerating differences deviates too far from reality. The value differences between China and the West are not as serious as Western people think. It is the US and its major allies that are radicalizing the issue. China's mentality of harmony in diversity is more in line with the common values of most people worldwide.

Instead of acting selfishly, China is committed to overall balance. The world's understanding of China is gradually returning to reality. There have been more objective evaluations from the West on China's COVID-19 fight, the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines and Chinese economy's positive promotion to the world economy last year. But there will continue to be shameless reports like those in the BBC, but China's overall good performance will gradually put an end to the credibility of anti-China reports.

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