Canadian parliament call for removal of Olympics from China a ‘malicious provocation of 1.4b Chinese’: Embassy
Published: Feb 23, 2021 11:52 AM

Above: Atheletes race in the Freestyle Ski Cross testing match in Zhangjiakou on Saturday. Photo: IC

The Chinese Embassy in Canada strongly condemned the Canadian Parliament's act of interference in Chinese internal affairs and malicious provocation of 1.4 billion Chinese people, after the legislative body on Monday passed a motion that determined policies in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region constituted "genocide" and called for the removal of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games from Beijing. 

Genocide has a clear definition in international law and no one can pin that label on China. Over the past six decades, Xinjiang's economic volume has increased more than 200 times and GDP per capita has increased about 40 times, while life expectancy has increased from 30 to 72 years old, according to a statement from the embassy spokesperson. 

The Uygur population increased from 10 million in 2010 to 12.7 million in 2018. The 25 percent increase of Uygur population is higher than the 14 percent increase of the region's population as a whole, and much higher than the 2 percent increase of the Han population there.

Talking about genocide, Canada should put its hand on its heart and reflect on the tragic history of its indigenous people, the spokesperson said. 

Most of the lawmakers who supported the parliament move have never been to Xinjiang region or China, but use "human rights" as an excuse for political manipulation with the aim of meddling in China's internal affairs and "playing tough on China" for their own interests in Canada, the spokesperson said, calling the move hypocritical and shameless. The spokesperson accused Canada of finding non-existent fault with China, and using lies to politicize sports, which violates the spirit of the Olympics and hurts the interests of all athletes.

The spokesperson emphasized that Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about anti-violence, anti-terrorism and anti-secessionism. Only when China takes preventative measures to curb the trend of terrorist activities can the lives and safety of all ethnic groups be guaranteed, so that they can develop the economy and improve their lives. 

Since 2018, more than 1,200 UN officials, diplomats, media personnel and religious representatives from more than 100 countries have visited Xinjiang, witnessing the region's stable and prosperous development and recognizing Xinjiang's efforts in counter-terrorism and fighting extremism.

China has an unwavering determination to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests. China is also unwavering in its determination to safeguard development, stability and unity of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.  

"Canada's move will not succeed and we urge those politicians to recognize reality and stop interfering in China's internal affairs, stop seeking personal interests through Xinjiang affairs and stop its anti-China farce," the spokesperson noted.

Global Times