Chinese blogger calls for CNN, Apple Daily to objectively report on China
Published: Feb 23, 2021 08:08 PM
Video: Courtesy of Damo Uncle

A video from a Chinese blogger showing how to make a fake news report on China in a "CNN or Apple Daily style" went viral on Chinese social media on Tuesday. The blogger criticized that the two media outlets for crossing the line of what makes an "authentic" news report.

The video was a sequel to a previous one that claimed to reveal the tricks used by BBC to distort news. This time, blogger Damo Uncle, who has more than 10 years of experience in video creation, made a fake investigative report named "China in Pollution" that he joked was part of an application for a job at the CNN and Apple Daily.

In the video, he aims his lens toward the faces of two policemen standing in front of a wire mesh door, causing the two officers to react in order to keep from being filmed. He later places some empty bottles near the sea, to create a scene of marine garbage pollution. As he could not find more material to film, Damo Uncle turns to search online for the keyword "ocean pollution" to fit the distorted video's theme, adding the photos he finds online to the video. He then makes the video look even more convincing by adding some grayish filters. 

The video has earned 2.17 million views since its release on Monday, and has gained numerous thumbs-up from Chinese netizens. 

Damo Uncle told the Global Times on Tuesday that as a veteran of films, he is very familiar with the production methods used. 

"The essence of a report is its authenticity. There is no need to add filters, but some series of reports produced by CNN about China's environment have these filters, which give a sense of deliberate rendering rather than an authentic feeling," he said.

He also pointed out that the minimum standard for a decent report is to match the content of what is being said with an appropriate corresponding picture. However, he said many CNN reports do not mention that their reporters were blocked but still deliberately use pictures showing Chinese police officers and barbed wire to give viewers the misleading visual message that their reporter was stopped by Chinese authorities. 

"The same unfriendly methods can also be seen in many reports from Apple Daily, especially the report about the Hong Kong riots from 2019 to 2020. They used a series of malicious shooting methods including purposeful editing of the Hong Kong police officers."

The video ends with the sentence: "If China is recorded in a prejudiced way, it would be wrong to even breathe." 

"I am just an original video blogger who has legal income through my works. I hope the media can report on China objectively," he said, going on to deny online rumors that he made the video with financial support from the government.