FM’s press conference showcases magnanimity of China’s diplomacy: Global Times editorial
Published: Mar 07, 2021 11:48 PM
Wang Yi File photo

Wang Yi File photo

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered 27 questions in a systematic way at a press conference held on the sidelines of the two sessions on Sunday, which showcases magnanimity of China's diplomacy as a major power, and provides a rare opportunity for the world to have a comprehensive understanding of China's foreign policy.

Most of the questions at the press conference were related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which reflects that the pandemic has penetrated deeply into the lives of societies around the world over the past year and has profoundly affected the international relations agenda. China is the most successful country in the fight against the epidemic, which has had a significant impact on shaping the current diplomatic outlook of China.

China is a friendly and modest country, which was fully demonstrated when Wang answered questions about the regional situation and bilateral relations between China and the countries concerned. Cooperation was a key word at the press conference, but instead of empty talks, Wang spoke of many concrete actions. When has the international community ever seen such a warm and humble major country? China is undoubtedly the most faithful practitioner and defender of the norms of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

While answering questions on China-US relations, Wang stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation and managing differences between China and the US. He also expressed the firm attitude that China does not allow interference by the US in its internal affairs, and criticized the US for wantonly interfering in other countries' internal affairs under the banner of human rights and democracy. On the Taiwan question, he urged the US to change the previous administration's practice of "crossing the red-line" and "playing with fire." When talking about the South China Sea issue, he criticized the US and other Western countries for making trouble in the South China Sea in the name of "freedom of navigation". His remarks impressed Western media outlets.

China is developing rapidly while the US is leading its major allies in intensifying ideological confrontation with China. What kind of country China is has thus become a focal point in today's world. The US and some Western public opinion institutes constantly accuse China of breaking the international rules, unilaterally changing the status quo. They try to mislead the world public with these labels.

International rules must be based on the Charter of the United Nations, not the hegemonic clauses of the US based on its own interests. In addition, it was the DPP authority on the island of Taiwan that changed the status quo by denying the 1992 Consensus. These facts need to be explained clearly to the world, which however has been disturbed in every way by the powerful media tools of the US and the West. China's activities in remote areas are all cooperative. And it is gradually discovered and understood by the world that all conflicts are brought to China's door by the US itself or by some forces it gathered.

Questions from and involving developing countries at the press conference were all about cooperation while questions concerning the US are the most perplexing. Since the new administration took office, the general attitude of the US toward China is continuation of a tough posture. China's general attitude can be summed up as managing the differences. China has a dignified low profile, and the world is coming to this conclusion.

The bilateral relationship between China and the US is of course the biggest issue in today's international relations, which has wide implications. China has been dealing with this problem in a constructive manner. At the same time, China will definitely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests. China strengthens global cooperation and continues to grow its own strength, so that this ability to safeguard its own rights will be strengthened.

China is more open and broad-minded. We are doing our own things well, and in the meantime, making maximum efforts to help safeguard world peace and promote solutions to various issues. As China is a sovereign country, solutions that best solve Hong Kong and Xinjiang related problems clearly should be in our own hands. The US that holds selfish strategies cannot represent the world at all. There is no need for us to overly worry about losses and gains.

The press conference on Sunday clearly shows people the broadness of the world, as well as China's mind. To us, it's really important.

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