Hotels in East China use chip to supervise cleaning work
Published: Mar 10, 2021 12:45 PM


Local health authorities in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province are launching a new smart supervision system as a pilot project in some hotels to supervise the cleaning work with a chip inserted in both cleaning tools and bed frames.

Media reports over the chipped systems in hotels immediately went viral and raced into the top five of the Sina Weibo hot search chart on Wednesday.

Instead of inspecting the cleaning works by supervisors from time to time, the pilot program is aimed at making the process more efficient for the supervision work and to let every guest be comfortable that necessary hygiene standards have been met, a manager with Hangzhou Tianlai Holiday Inn in Hangzhou surnamed Li told the Global Times on Wednesday.

One highlight of the pilot project is the adaption of chip to ensure cleaning tools are used correctly. Cloth that is used for cleaning wash basin will respond with a warning sound if it is used in other areas. Mistakenly using the wrong cloth will be uploaded and recorded on the hotel database for future inspection.

Bed sheet and quilt cover are also equipped with chips that cleaners need to scan them each time they finish their cleaning work. All the information will be uploaded on a system that attaches not only to the hotel but also the local government for surveillance.

Guests can also check whether their room is cleaned or not by scanning the QR code in the room, the Global Times learned.

While many people applauded for this innovative approach, some also doubted about its functionality and whether it would intrude their privacy.

Hangzhou Tianlai Holiday Inn launched the pilot project since January and is still testing the inspection system for improvement.

"The chip is not always functioning well. For example, it might not respond when you put it in the wrong place or respond when you just carry it with you from distant away," the hotel manager told the Global Times.

The chip is also large in size about 5 centimeters long, and needs to be minified.

Li said that some guests are also a bit concerned about their privacy afraid that the chip may also contain monitor, which the hotel repeatedly assured them with such a concern.

Despite the issues, most of the guests that the hotel surveyed welcome this new approach since it assured them that the room is clean to stay.

Since December 2020, the smart supervision system has been piloted in 12 hotels and two hotel chains, and is expected to reach wider range of hotel in the whole province, media reports.