Hong Kong must move from chaos to proper governance: Global Times editorial
Published: Mar 11, 2021 10:11 PM
Hong Kong file photo

Hong Kong file photo

The National People's Congress  on Thursday adopted a decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The decision includes enlarging the scale of the Election Committee to 1,500 members from the previous 1,200 members, and the committee shall be responsible for electing the Chief Executive designate and part of the members of the Legislative Council (LegCo). The Election Committee shall also be responsible for nominating candidates for the Chief Executive and LegCo members. A candidate qualification review committee of the HKSAR shall be established. The committee shall be responsible for reviewing and confirming the qualifications of candidates for the Election Committee members, the Chief Executive, and LegCo members.

The decision and the legislation it promotes will ensure that the principle of patriots governing Hong Kong can be implemented. We believe that Hong Kong's governance will turn over a new page from now on.

After Hong Kong returned to China, some radical forces engaged in extreme confrontational politics with the support of the West and under the disguise of so-called expanding democracy. In fact, everything they do is to expand the power of the opposition. By trying to control the LegCo and send an opposition figure to the position of chief executive, they want to subvert Hong Kong's constitutional system.

The NPC's decision is a fundamental solution to ending Hong Kong's chaos and is widely supported by Chinese society. It is not just to keep the extreme opposition out of Hong Kong's system. It also proposes a system for selecting and appointing talent and is committed to making the nominees and elected candidates more representative. This is a system not only designed to end chaos, but also aimed to promote development in the city.

Perhaps everyone would agree that Hong Kong will have no future if chaos continues like the previous two years. The US and the UK try to rope Hong Kong into their camp politically and turn the city into a chess piece to contain China. This is unacceptable. The NPC's decision is a firm response to the US and the UK's arrogant goals.

The NPC Standing Committee will amend the Basic Law's Annex I and Annex II. Guided by the decisions passed on Thursday, these legislative actions will consolidate Hong Kong's political protective screen, make it easier for talented people in Hong Kong to reach key public positions and make sure they serve the fundamental interests of the general public in Hong Kong and reflect the public's true demands. This is a people-oriented reform.

Those radical opposition claimed they represent public opinion. But they have stood on the opposite side of the majority of Hongkongers. They want to play extreme politics to destroy Hong Kong's livelihood, turning Hong Kong into a hostage in their wrestle with the central government and a stepping stone of US strategic interests. This will never be allowed. The central government has a solid moral foundation for its efforts to set things right. 

Some forces in the US, UK and other Western countries opposed the Chinese National People's Congress' decision. This is conceivable. But their objection will lead nowhere. The chaos in Hong Kong in the past few years has taught many Hongkongers a lesson, and the adoption of the national security law has inspired them. Righteousness is gaining the upper hand in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is restoring order from chaos. Such a trend has been formed and the radical opposition supported by the US and UK are rapidly collapsing. 

 The US and UK have wrestled with China over the Hong Kong issues for several rounds. Beijing has known well the cards in their hands. The offensives they launch against China lack stamina, like bows which become weak after flying their assigned distances. They can neither affect China, nor destroy the prosperity of Hong Kong. The strong confidence of the central government and Chinese people has also inspired Hongkongers who love the country and the city. It's true that the country has been united like a fortress.   

The future of Hong Kong will be defined by the momentum of China's development and the hard work of the Hong Kong people, rather than the political attitudes of countries like the US and UK. Whoever makes a wrong judgment on this will suffer losses.