Hard lesson for HK opposition: Extreme political confrontation is not in the designs of China
Published: Mar 11, 2021 11:03 PM
Hong Kong Photo:VCG


The radical opposition in Hong Kong has been taught a hard lesson. It is hoped the lesson will be kept in their minds for a very long time, and also be well remembered by some people on the Chinese mainland. 

The radical forces in Hong Kong thought they were strong! They had received direct support from foreign countries (including the US and the UK), with smooth channels to forge alliances. But they have gone too far, threatening the stability of Hong Kong. So Beijing has made up its mind to right these wrongs with institutional leverage. As a result, all kinds of forces of resistance have come crumbling down. What is the use of support from the Washington and London? Do they dare send warships to Hong Kong's doorstep to menace it? 

 All who are dissatisfied should be realistic. They may have harbored romantic fantasies in the past. But now they should be calm with better judgment. Within the realm that China's constitution touches upon, engaging in political confrontations (especially radical political clashes) will only end up in a dead end. These flash in the pan matters may look very much alive and even fierce at the beginning. But it is the constitution that stipulates China's political order. It is the National People's Congress that has the power to interpret the Basic Law. How can Hong Kong be dominated by US and UK forces? How can the city possibly become a bridgehead for them to attack China or contain our development?

There was once a group of radical public opinion opposition makers haunting China's Weibo several years ago. They enjoyed a carnival, as if China's reforms could be dominated by them. But as a result, they quickly faded with the efforts to govern and adjust public opinion field.

I want to say, this is China — regardless of whether some people are willing to admit it or not. The leadership of the Communist Party of China is stipulated in the Chinese constitution. Anything running counter to the constitution cannot go far. The Hong Kong opposition should carry out activities surrounding Hong Kong's internal affairs within the framework of the "one country, two systems." But they have gone too far to attack Hong Kong's constitutional order. They have defied the Chinese constitution. It's inevitable that they have suffered utter defeat as failures. For those who are imitating the outsiders to act as an "opposition" in the mainland, they are doomed to be marginalized. 

Some people say if people want change, they must fight one after another. They must be bold to make sacrifices. But the problem is: the radicals are fighting against the constitution of this country. What they are doing runs counter to the spirit of our constitution. They are like ants trying to shake a big tree. The disintegration of the former Soviet Union was not caused by a group of small opposition forces. They didn't have such power. 

Some say that strength doesn't last for eternity. Inspiring and emboldening oneself with such a philosophical narrative is naïve. The key is this: China's Constitution ensures that the country can advance steadily in the long term after finding its path of development. It can constantly fulfill people's rights and demand a better life for them. Those who oppose this are trapped in their own wishful thinking and petty interests. They diverge in fantasies from the country's basic reality. They judge today's China with the criteria of Western-style political models. 

They deny China's achievements and ignore the fact that we have made tremendous achievements with our people-centered policies. These efforts are at the service of people. They think they are fighting for the good of people. But in fact they have actually taken the opposite road of the people's fundamental interests. They completely contradict themselves. 

China does have some problems. But the problems and their solutions should be pointed out in constructive ways that coordinate with the country's system. China's system is constantly updated according to its national conditions. 

How to  perform the role of a public intellectual in China and how to constructively promote the freedom of speech under the framework of the Constitution of China is a high-score question on China's major innovation exam.

In any case, extreme political confrontation is not in the designs of China. It has no place in our grand structure. Let's send these trashy ideas back to wherever they were designed and produced.

The author is editor-in-chief with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn