Canadian citizen Michael Spavor stands trial for stealing national secrets from China
Published: Mar 19, 2021 02:40 PM
File Photo: Michael Spavor

File Photo: Michael Spavor

A court in Dandong, Northeast China's Liaoning Province, on Friday opened the trial of Canadian citizen Michael Spavor, suspected of stealing national secrets from China. The case was held closed-door as it concerns national secrets.

Michael Spavor and his lawyer attended the court, and the result will be announced at a chosen time in accordance with the law, the Dandong Intermediate People's Court announced in a statement on Friday. 

Canadian nationals Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were prosecuted by the Prosecutor General's Office in China for suspected crimes undermining China's national security in June 2020. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokespersons have frequently released information concerning both cases, and China's judicial authorities have briefed about the cases.

Kovrig was accused of using an ordinary passport and business visa to enter China to steal sensitive information and intelligence through contacts in China since 2017, while Spavor was accused of being a key source of intelligence for Kovrig.