Two-day training camp to cultivate TV production talents comes to an end
Published: Mar 30, 2021 04:23 PM
Promotional material for Minning Town Photos: IC

Promotional material for Minning Town Photos: IC

A two-day training camp to cultivate talents for the Chinese TV industry ended on Sunday in Beijing. Three professional tutors in the TV industry addressed 40 trainees on several themes, including how to create high-quality TV dramas.

The training camp, Dengpan Jihua (lit: Climbing Plan), was held at the Beijing Conference Center.

In addition to holding professional-level courses, the organizing committee of the camp also revealed their subsequent plans for a series of practical events that will see the 40 students create short plays with a unified theme under the guidance of the committee.

Three tutors, including iQIYI founder Gong Yu and famous scriptwriter Hou Hongliang, who is also chairman of Daylight Entertainment, shared their experience with trainees.

Gong made several predictions concerning the global entertainment industry, introduced the current interaction between content creation and the video platforms and the difficulties young people in the industry face, as well as covered the logic and standards of content selection used by video platforms.

Hou talked about his experience in creating TV dramas at the forum. Hou's company is seen as a guarantee of quality TV by many Chinese viewers and has produced many classic works such as Mining Town, a show about poverty alleviation, and costume drama Nirvana in Fire.

Hou repeatedly stressed the importance of passion, innovation, patience and heartfelt love for young creators, and pointed out the responsibility of young film and television industry insiders in raising production standards and guiding audiences' values.

The plan was sponsored by the China Television Artists Association and supported by Chinese streaming platforms including Tencent and Youku.