HK expected to turn from chaos to order: Global Times editorial
Published: Mar 30, 2021 09:53 PM
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The Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress on Tuesday voted unanimously to adopt the amended Annex I and Annex II to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The two annexes regulate the methods for the selection of the HKSAR chief executive and for the formation of the HKSAR Legislative Council. China's top legislature has completed the legislation to revise and improve Hong Kong's election methods, making clearer the city's political road map of transitioning from chaos to governance. It is believed that Hong Kong's specific legislation concerning the implementation of the new Annex I and Annex II will also go smoothly. 

The two new annexes have ensured Hong Kong will be governed by patriots - the general principle of Hong Kong governance, and have plugged the previous loopholes. They, together with the national security law for Hong Kong, have formed two shields for Hong Kong's peace and prosperity, which not only eliminates major risks facing the city, but also provides a constructive opportunity for the city in the future. It is expected that Hong Kong's governance will turn over a new leaf.  

The current situation is that the national security law for Hong Kong and the amendments to the election methods have unleashed a powerful influence. They have changed the relationship between political forces inside and outside Hong Kong, and reshaped the city's prospects and people's mentality. Those who love the country and Hong Kong have been greatly inspired, while frustration is permeating among the radical opposition. If the moderate opposition still wants to play a role in Hong Kong politics, they might explore how to provide constructive suggestions to the city rather than engaging in the destructive actions in the future. 

The national security law for Hong Kong and the two amended annexes will deal a heavy blow to foreign hostile forces. The Hong Kong secessionists whom these forces have been supporting can hardly enter Hong Kong's system anymore. These secessionists would face legal risks if they collude with foreign forces. The influence of foreign forces in Hong Kong will be waning. They will launch more verbal attacks on Hong Kong affairs and engage in a bravado boycott, but these will be futile.

The enactment of the national security law for Hong Kong and the improvement of Hong Kong's electoral system are the inflection point of the situation in Hong Kong. The political struggle will continue, but the most important thing is that the arrogance of secessionist forces has been wrecked into pieces, the channels through which the US and Western forces meddle in Hong Kong affairs are blocked, and patriotic people in Hong Kong have regained their confidence. The political direction of Hong Kong has been fundamentally returned to normal. 

Most Hongkongers and international opinion believe that the "patriots governing Hong Kong" principle will be implemented in Hong Kong, and anti-China forces have no political future. Gone are the days when US and Western forces boss around Hong Kong. That Hong Kong turns from chaos to order is well within people's expectations. People's change of mind is the starting point that the city becomes better.

The changes result from the growing strength of China and the firm determination of Chinese society which unites closely around the Communist Party of China. Hong Kong affairs are a big issue because they involve national governance. They are also a small matter because they are just China's regional affairs and the country is able to tackle relevant disputes and conflicts. Those who view Hong Kong as leverage against China are arrogant and naïve.

We have to inform those who still have the wishful thinking that they'd better go along with the big trend, as all calculations that go against the trend will be crushed. No country will allow a region on its territory to remain chaotic for a long time and be manipulated by external forces. This universal principle works far better than the petty values some forces have advocated out of their own interests. 

Hong Kong belongs to China. That patriots govern Hong Kong is the minimum political requirement to the city. Over the years, when people think of some Hong Kong legislators who had resisted or made a farce about taking an oath to uphold the Basic Law, they would feel unbelievable. Hong Kong needs to go back to the normal track, and more of its values will be found. Hong Kong is bound to become prosperous and glorious.