Sales of ‘Tesla failure’ t-shirts thriving in China following protest at Shanghai auto fair
Published: Apr 20, 2021 12:08 PM
Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Chinese e-commerce platforms are now selling white T-shirts printed with “Tesla brake failure” along with a Tesla logo, which were worn by the two protestors at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on Monday. 

The t-shirts can be found on major e-commerce platforms, including Taobao, Douyin mall, Pinduoduo, and the second-hand trading platform Xianyu, just one day after the incident caused waves of controversy online. 

More than 50 stores on Taobao have already listed the T-shirts on the e-commerce platform started selling the product on Tuesday. The T-shirts were priced from between 18 ($2.76) yuan and 100 yuan, with a variety of color choices.
The store with the highest sales on Taobao currently sold 46 units of the T-shirts as of Tuesday morning, with each unit costing 43 yuan.

One seller on Taobao told the Global Times that the company has made more than a hundred T-shirts overnight, and within 24 hours since the incident it has received more than one hundred orders. 

The T-shirts went viral on Monday, when two women protested at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, and eyewitnesses claimed they aired grievances about poor quality of Tesla vehicles.

The woman also protested earlier this year in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province, with "Tesla brake failure" printed on her Tesla car, chanting repeatedly that Tesla's defective brake almost killed her family in front of a local Tesla store.

Customers have been filing complaints against Tesla’s quality issues for a long time. “Tesla does not have one, but many problems,” one top comment on Weibo said, “Consumers are at an absolute disadvantage to Tesla. That is why it has no fear.”

Global Times 

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