Man, trying to protest at Tesla exhibition booth in Shanghai, is taken away
Published: Apr 26, 2021 04:43 PM


A man who allegedly managed to enter the Shanghai Auto Show 2021 and protest at the Tesla booth on Sunday, was swiftly taken away by security guards after he attempted to take out a red protest banner.  

The security guards grabbed the sole protester by the arm and pulled up black umbrellas and other cover to prevent other people from taking pictures, or do video streaming on site, according to a video clip circulating online on Monday.

"In regard to the suspected protest at Tesla booth circulating online, we have learned that this 'protester' is not a Tesla car owner and the protest claim has nothing to do with Tesla," said Tesla China in a statement sent to the Global Times on Monday.

It was the second attempted protest at the Tesla stand on the Shanghai Auto show after a female Tesla car owner last Monday climbed on top of a car's roof at the booth to protest her car's brake malfunction.

The woman was put in police custody and released on Sunday.

"The security guards' black umbrellas are useless. The quality of Tesla cars in China has to be solved," commented a Chinese netizen named as zhenzhengdeduantiankele Monday.