Tesla appears to be doubling down on allegations against protestor
Published: Apr 28, 2021 12:33 PM
People sit inside a Tesla car displayed at a store in Beijing. Photos: VCG

People sit inside a Tesla car displayed at a store in Beijing. Photos: VCG

Tesla China said in a statement on Wednesday that it reached out to the Tesla owner who protested at the Shanghai Auto Show and the two parties have been in an ongoing dialogue. However, the US electric firm appears to be doubling down on allegations that owner might have been overacting and unreasonable, as the statement focused on how it repeatedly tried to reach out to the owner.

"We reserve the right to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. We sincerely hope to promote vehicle testing as soon as possible and give a result to people who care about Tesla," the statement said.

Tesla said it has actively reached out and proposed further communication to solve the issues raised by the consumer, and was in touch with the car owner on Tuesday.

"I just came back and need time to adjust myself. I hope you can show a sincere attitude toward solving the problem. Only then can we proceed on communication," replied the car owner to Tesla on Tuesday, as shown in a screenshot provided by Tesla. 

The Global Times attempted to contact the car owner but failed to have a response as of press time.

The statement also went into the detail of the car owner, Zhang's "rights protection" process before the she took the event to Shanghai Auto Show. 

"We have been trying our best in communicating with Zhang and her family since February," Tesla said.

Tesla said right after Zhang's vehicle crashed in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan Province in February it didn't find abnormal in braking system after the inspection and analysis of vehicle data. It provided Zhang with the data of the vehicle accident in February. However the latter refused to trust the data, suspecting that Tesla could modify the data.

Tesla said it has proposed to Zhang to take the car to third-party investigation and offered to prepay for third-party testing fees but was turned down by Zhang. 

Zhang had said in March that she will not agree to have third-party testing, nor accept any third-party test results, and will not accept any negotiation, the statement said. 

Before Shanghai Auto Show the car owner has brought the car to Tesla stores and an auto show in Zhengzhou to protest, using a loudspeaker and billboards to criticize Tesla, and sprayed the words "Tesla brake fails" on her accident vehicle with red paint.

The accident vehicle had been pulled back in front of a Tesla Zhengzhou Futa Store.