'Democratic alliance' degrades West's politics, advocates US hegemony: Global Times editorial
Published: May 10, 2021 11:41 PM
Crumbling US democracy. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Crumbling US democracy. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2021, hosted by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation in Denmark, is scheduled on Monday and Tuesday. The summit again invited the Taiwan regional leader and Hong Kong secessionists via video, in an attempt to stir more confrontations.

During the so-called democracy summit last year, then US secretary of state Mike Pompeo made an extremely vicious attack on the Communist Party of China (CPC) through a video speech. The Alliance of Democracies Foundation was established in 2017 by former NATO secretary general and former Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The foundation was sanctioned by the Chinese government in March.

There is a group of "democratic fundamentalists" in the West today. They are hysterically hostile to China's rise and morbidly describe the world today as a confrontation between democracy and autocracy, inciting a sense of crisis in Western society. They have betrayed the basic principle of democracy which is fairness and justice, and they are obsessed with the fanatical pursuit of "Western superiority" and "Western privilege." They are sharply opposed to the reality of this era.

The biggest challenge to the governance of all countries, including China, is how to meet people's needs for a better life. The success of China's current system lies in its ability to focus more on this mission and to develop fast enough. This is the essence of Chinese politics. Western forces involved in the "democratic alliance" have deliberately put geopolitical tags on different countries' development and competition, describing it as confrontation between different systems. Their perception twists facts, calling white black.  

The essence of containing China's rise is to deprive 1.4 billion Chinese people of their right to further improve their destiny and live a better life. China is not empty. The country is composed of individuals and families who need higher-income jobs, better welfare guarantees and ecological environment and more confidence in security. All of this needs to be supported by economic development as well as technological progress.

Human society in the 21st century should be able to coordinate all countries' development in a democratic manner, in accordance with the rules of the UN Charter. We should also prevent this issue from returning to a geopolitical dead end or creating a new round of world division and confrontation.

However, this so-called democracy summit runs counter to the progress of the times. It openly advocates creating a new "alliance," calls on "democratic states" to be loyal to the US and collude against China and Russia. This is to turn back the wheel of history and drag the world back into darkness again.

The Danish Alliance of Democracies Foundation has no democratic spirit at all. It is a lapdog of the US. We can't help but say that this is a degradation of the Western political environment in which democracy can be carried out under the banner of advocating American hegemony.

Starting in the US, it is popular among Western countries to clamor for "democracy" and try to show some kind of solemnity. This is very ridiculous. In terms of development, Western democracy has shown its weakness in competitiveness, and reform should have been its way to make up for the weakness. But instead, Western countries are angrily accusing China of being "undemocratic," as if their problems are all caused by China. This is like Western countries are having diarrhea and are forcing China to take medicine.

The Western-style democratic system has been running for a long time, and aging is normal. It is a pity that the system has produced such a group of leading but good-for-nothing elites. They do not want to seriously promote reforms and are best at passing the buck. They also try hard to form small circles, desperately trying to justify each other's wrong moves and ideas. History will laugh at those incompetent people who hype "democratic alliance" in the 21st century.