US to blame for recent violence in Afghanistan
Published: May 19, 2021 02:03 PM
A view from the site, where mostly schoolgirls, have been killed in three back-to-back blasts targeting a school in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Saturday Photo: AFP

A view from the site, where mostly schoolgirls, have been killed in three back-to-back blasts targeting a school in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Saturday Photo: AFP

A string of violence against civilian targets in Afghanistan has set off a mind-set among the Afghans to blame the US as it made an irresponsible decision to withdraw troops, ignoring the risk that it could further embolden the insurgent groups to become more aggressive.

Brutal onslaughts such as girls' school bombing that killed over 80 and injured more than 150 others, and the mosque blast even during the ceasefire period that took 12 worshipers' lives, offer a clear indication that the US pullout decision is leading the insurgent groups to carry out more deadly attacks - setting a scene of military victory and a solid defeat to the world's most powerful country.

For the Afghans who are going through tough times due to upticks in tedious violence and also scrambling with uncertain future, there is a lot of accusations of the US over its failure to make a good deal or to at least reduce the level of violence before departure. As the security situation is getting worse, the finger-pointing on the US has already begun.

Civilians and civil facilities are now a target since US President Joe Biden announced that this September is the exit date for US troops to finally leave Afghanistan.

The first mistake that led to the vitalization of militant groups and the surging violence in Afghanistan was the US claim of degrading Al Qaeda terrorist network. What happened the next day was quite different. The group's spokesman in an interview with one of Western media outlet, rebuffed the claim, and spoke of unending war against America. Even American top security brasses doubt Taliban to cut ties with Al Qaeda.  

The American authorities are fully aware of their anti-terror strategy, which was a big flop. Coming to the fore with such a statement, it was nothing but another mockery. However, it won't be sincere to turn a blind eye over what the US did in the fight against terrorism in the past 20 years. Al Qaeda leaders were killed by a US operation. Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, the Taliban leader was also killed by US drones. Some key members of Islamic State were also killed. But this does not mean a successful US military presence. The girls' school bombing was the most deadly attack against civilians in recent year that earned worldwide condemnation, with many world leaders seeing the rise in violence due to the irresponsible decision of the Biden administration over its troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.

At the end, it's the Afghan people who are suffering the most due to wrong and failed policies of the US, which has paid little attention to the economic and social development of Afghanistan. At the outset, the US entered Afghanistan with money and military strength with a plan of security and economic improvement. The status quo is different. The fragile economy and worsened security situation left no hope for a better future - even the fear of civil war is looming by passing each day.

It's amazing to hear that the US announced it had achieved all its anti-terror goals, but is still searching for a new place in the region to establish its new military base to keep eye on insurgent activities. This is a big contradiction: claiming victory while showing concern. This is an indication of a hasty decision that even top US security officials have expressed distress over as they oppose rushing troops out. The international community has also expressed concern that such a swift decision may lead to a resurge of terrorism.

USFOR-A Commander in Afghanistan General Scott Miller already admitted that the Taliban would increase violence in the near term.

Leaving Afghanistan without uprooting all terrorist organizations or restoring peace, the US actually is trying to find a way of safe passage for their troops in order to cover their failed policies. Considering the ground reality, all the mess and ruins have been left on the shoulder of Afghanistan. But if regional countries honestly support the Afghan government, this challenge could be turned into opportunity to rip up terrorism in all of its manifestations.

Afghanistan has gradually become a political victim as the US is now considering withdrawal to concentrate on other priorities. Unfortunately, the US Secretary of State Mr. Antony Blinken publicly related the pullout with the US strategic competition with other world countries.

The Afghans are again victims for such political gambits. And the violence has just started. Even during the ceasefire, many innocent lives perished.

At last, the Americans will leave. But Washington has promised to continue to aid the Afghan security forces and the government. However, this cannot be guaranteed because the way it is pulling troops out shows that it won't be enough to ensure aid too.

The writer is Editor-in-Chief of Afghanistan Times Daily, and could be reached via: mansoorfaizy01@gmail.com. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn