SW China’s Sichuan man shot dead after threatening to detonate explosives
Published: Jun 23, 2021 09:37 PM
File Photo: Xinhua

File Photo: Xinhua

A man in Southwest China's Sichuan Province was shot dead on Wednesday after threatening to detonate explosives and refused to comply with the police.

The suspect surnamed Ma, 36, from Northeast China's Jilin Province, was shot dead in his rental house located in Guangan city, Sichuan Province, on Wednesday, as he resisted arrest for theft and threatened to set off explosives in his house, according to a notice released by local police.

The notice said that Ma held a suspected remote control and put out four suspected explosives to threaten the police when he was resisting arrest. He also claimed that there were still dozens of kilograms of explosives in the house.

He was shot dead after 16 hours of persuasion by local police failed to convince him to cooperate. The police later removed the homemade remote-controlled explosives and defused the potential harm of an explosion.

“After 16 hours of repeated persuasion, the suspect Ma, with a tough attitude, held on to the remote-control explosive device, refused to cooperate and repeatedly threatened to detonate the explosives,” said the local police in the notice.

Seven homemade explosive devices were found and removed after nearly six hours of search and disposal operation by professionals.

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