AntChain launches blockchain network, accessible to China, West Europe and Southeast Asia
Published: Jun 24, 2021 04:03 PM

blockchain Photo: Unsplash

blockchain Photo: Unsplash

AntChain, the blockchain technology branch under Ant Group, announced the launch of a suite of new innovative technologies and products on Wednesday, including the Blockchain Transmission Network (BTN), a high-speed, long-distance blockchain communication technology, and the AntChain Module-as-a-Service (MaaS) integrated computing module for simplified blockchain deployment.

AntChian said that the BTN will improve the data throughput and stability of blockchains through high-speed internet technology. It can enhance the throughput of a blockchain network by 186%, while reducing its bandwidth cost by up to 80 percent, and cut transmission latency by 40 percent.

Antchain also launched a developer community support program at its first developer conference on Wednesday. The program is designed to further foster trusted industry collaboration networks with blockchain, secure computing, IoT, and other innovative technologies, and will give access to places such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfort and Singapore. 

The program will bring AntChain's technologies and industry experience to its partners and developers across a variety of platforms. AntChain said that the open technology platform will serve to accelerate the development of blockchain applications as well as reduce costs, while the AntChain open business ecosystem will help connect partners and developers with business opportunities and operational resources. 

So far, the AntChain developer community incorporates over 330 institutional partners and nearly 10,000 developers, who together have created over 30 innovative industry applications, including an eSign electronic contracting service and a blockchain-powered rural property trading platform with NDSCSoft.

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