Case of Chinese beaten by three foreigners in Chengdu triggers fresh online discussions
Published: Jun 27, 2021 01:58 PM
File Photo:Xinhua

File Photo:Xinhua

Police in Southwest China's Sichuan Province confirmed on Sunday that three Chinese were hit by three foreigners at a restaurant after the dispute triggered fresh discussion on Chinese social media. 

The Chinese man, surnamed Yin, 22, reported to police on early Friday that they had a quarrel with three foreigners at a restaurant in Chengdu and they were beaten by them, according to a statement released by police of Jinjiang district of Chengdu on Sunday. The police did not reveal which country the foreign nationals were from.

Chinese social media has been circulating different versions of the quarrels. The reason for the incident is still unclear.

The local police are still investigating the incident.

A week earlier, the murder of a woman by a foreigner at a university in East China's Zhejiang Province drew public outrage, with many Chinese netizens calling for severe punishment.

Some Netizens said nationality of the suspect should not be a factor for special treatment and a shield to dodge severe punishment. 

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