Shanghai to develop monitoring systems on falling objects based on big data
Published: Jun 27, 2021 09:48 PM
Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

Shanghai has been researching and developing monitoring systems based on big data to manage falling objects from high-rises, vowing to tackle the problem at its root. 

A safe development report on Shanghai's city operation shows that the systems will be included in the city's unified management platform which relies on the city's big data center and the grid platform for the city's comprehensive management, according to media reports. 

The application of innovative technologies should be further strengthened, the report noted. In view of the problems of information barriers and data silos existing in the various industries currently, data governance should be put in a more important position in the construction of "one network unified management." 

As of 2019, there had been more than 42,000 high-rise buildings in Shanghai including 1,700 with 30 stories or above, according to the report. 

Shanghai has developed a management system on structures' glass curtain walls to comprehensively analyze the maintenance records of buildings with glass curtain walls, curtain walls' structures, ages of the buildings and other information. At present, about 8,080 buildings with glass curtain walls have been included in regulatory scope of the system. 

A series of new technologies such as drones, laser scanning, infrared imaging, artificial intelligence and intelligent management platform used in the regulatory platform of glass curtain walls, combined with the accumulated big data in the field of structures' safety will provide solutions to the development of the monitoring systems in regulating falling objects. 

Li Yihong, an engineer from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development pointed out at the forum that the city vows to reduce the probability of falling objects and tackle the problem from its origin, rather than taking stopgap measures, The Paper reported. 

The safe development report on Shanghai's city operation was released by the Institute for Urban Risk Management, Tongji University, during the 2021 Summit Forum on Urban Risk Management held in Shanghai on Friday. 

Nearly 700 government officials, experts and scholars from scientific research institutes and universities and enterprise representatives participated in the forum and shared their views on the topic of urban security risk prevention in major emergencies.