‘Welcome to Weibo!’ Trump called to join Chinese social media by netizens as he sues Facebook, Twitter
Published: Jul 08, 2021 09:23 PM
Buddha statue of Trump. Photo: Sina Weibo

Buddha statue of Trump. Photo: Sina Weibo

Upon hearing that former US president Donald Trump sued Facebook and Twitter, Chinese Web users showed their warm welcome and enthusiasm to offer a "new playground" - Sina Weibo - to their favorite "American comedian," who is also the hottest figure on the Chinese social platform in 2020. 

In a survey launched on Weibo on Thursday afternoon, about 78 percent of 4,500 participants said they "very much hope" that Trump would join Weibo. Thirteen percent said they don't want him to come and nine percent remained neutral as of the press time. 

"Please come! We will have so much fun!" read a comment under the survey. 

Trump, who was mockingly called by Chinese netizens an "American comedian" with his Chinese nicknames "Chuan Jianguo" (meaning "Trump builds China" in Chinese) and "Dong Wang" (meaning a man self-claimed as a king who "knows everything"), was the hottest public figure on Weibo in 2020 for having the most hot topics on the trending list.

According to statistics reported by The Paper, Trump-relevant topics appeared on Weibo's trending list 589 times in 2020, 240 times more than the second place. The former US president is the only foreigner in the annual list, with the rest of the top 20 places mostly taken by Chinese entertainment stars. 

Trump said on Wednesday that he filed class-action lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and Google for banning his accounts. The former two suspended his accounts in June and January respectively. 

The news received nearly 40 million views on Weibo, where people are expressing their expectations that Trump would open a Weibo account, just like other foreign politicians such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

"Seriously, he should definitely consider joining Weibo in light of this much attention he receives from Weibo users. Nobody will steal his thunder," said one netizen.