UPDATE: Unvaccinated people may be banned from entering schools, museums in regions in E.China
Published: Jul 12, 2021 09:08 PM


More regions in East China, including Ninghai and Qingtian in Zhejiang Province, and Ganzhou and Ji'an in Jiangxi Province, issued notices requiring citizens to get vaccinated as quickly as they can and said people who are not vaccinated will in general not be allowed to enter into public venues including schools and nursing houses, starting from late July.

Media reported that several counties in Jiangxi Province, such as Dingnan and Anyuan county in Ganzhou city, Jishui and Xiajiang county in Ji'an city, have released notices on Sunday and Monday that people aged above 18 who are unvaccinated may not be allowed to enter key public places, including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, railway stations, hotels, markets, libraries, cinema, gym, etc., starting from July 26.

These notices also said that from Thursday, COVID-19 vaccination record will be checked along with health codes when entering above mentioned key public places.

Chongren county in Fuzhou city, Jiangxi also released similar notices on Sunday, requiring residents to get injected quickly or risk "bringing inconvenience to life and travel." But the notice did not say whether the unvaccinated people will be banned from entering certain public venues.

Local authorities of Ninghai county, Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, announced on Sunday that local residents aged above 18 without vaccine contraindications should all get vaccinated, finishing the first shot before July 25 and the second shot before August 25, according to The Paper on Monday.

It also said that starting from July 25, people who have not been vaccinated (except those with contraindications) are not allowed to enter into key places including inpatient departments of medical institutions, nursing homes, schools (kindergartens, nurseries, off-campus training institutions), libraries, museums, prisons and other key places.

The notice was released by the official WeChat account of Ninghai county-level health bureau), but as of press time, the notice has been deleted by the account, the Global Times reporter found.

Local epidemic prevention and control headquarter of Qingtian county, Lishui city of Zhejiang, also issued a similar notice, requiring residents who have not been vaccinated to finish the first injection before July 20 and the second before August 20. Those who don't get vaccinated will not be allowed to enter into key places from July 21.

Qingtian is known as the "hometown of overseas Chinese." About 330,000 people originally from Qingtian now live overseas. 

As of June 3, the vaccination rate of the first shot was 38.8 percent in the province. Some 9.292 million residents have finished the whole process of vaccination, accounting for 15.9 percent of its residents.