Those who terrorize our compatriots will pay: Global Times editorial
Published: Jul 16, 2021 10:13 PM
Photo taken with a mobile phone shows vehicles near the blast site in Pakistan's northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on July 14, 2021. Photo: Xinhua

Photo taken with a mobile phone shows vehicles near the blast site in Pakistan's northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on July 14, 2021. Photo: Xinhua

During their phone conversation on Friday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called an explosion on a bus ferrying Chinese workers in northern Pakistan a "terrorist attack," an authoritative definition to the bloody incident that killed at least 12 people, including nine Chinese citizens. A Pakistani minister said yesterday that traces of explosives had been detected at the scene of the blast. This is a terrorist attack that has caused the most serious Chinese casualties in Pakistan in recent years.  

No terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility for this attack so far, but this cowardly group will definitely be found out and must be resolutely annihilated. 

Pakistan has long paid much attention on protecting Chinese engineers in Pakistan. It has set up a special security division for the protection of Chinese workers. However, the latest attack shows that there are still serious loopholes in Pakistan's protection work. Plugging those loopholes and resolutely curbing the increasing momentum of terrorist attacks against Chinese factors are of decisive significance to the smooth development of China-Pakistan cooperation.   

There is no big political or social reason for hating China in Pakistan. The attacks on the Chinese people were carried out by some forces who want to deal a blow to the Pakistani government. They know the Pakistani government values the relationship with China very much. Therefore, they take attacking Chinese as a special bargaining chip. 

China must take action to clearly tell the anti-government forces in Pakistan: No matter who carries out terrorist attacks on Chinese personnel and projects, it is tantamount to placing themselves in the position of Chinese enemies. China will firmly support the Pakistani government to exterminate them. We will not only provide the necessary support and assistance, if Pakistan's strength is insufficient, China's missiles and special forces could also directly participate in operations to eliminate threats against Chinese in Pakistan with the consent of Pakistan. We will set an example as a deterrent. 

Pakistan is a sovereign country, and the security of the Chinese people in Pakistan of course must mainly rely on Pakistan's security system. But if the situation deteriorates, China cannot completely leave it up to Pakistan. Instead, it should provide close assistance and participation. 

In some turbulent countries, we must prove that the Chinese people are not to be provoked, especially to be killed. Anyone who lays murderous hands on the Chinese is bringing destruction on himself. In a word, even though a thousand miles away, those who commit terrorist attacks on our compatriots will pay.