Brands announce termination of contract with pop star Kris Wu over controversial claim that he lured an underaged girl for sex
Published: Jul 19, 2021 03:10 AM
Kris Wu Photo: CFP

Kris Wu Photo: CFP

Several brands in China deleted or hid their advertisement with pop star Kris Wu, while cosmetics brand, Kans, announced the termination of their contract over the controversial claim that he lured an underaged girl for sex, on China’s Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo on Sunday.

Kris Wu, a Chinese-Canadian singer accused of infidelity by alleged girlfriend Du Meizhu in early July, once again caused a stir on Chinese social media on Sunday after Du released more details in an interview with NetEase Entertainment.

Du further revealed that Wu used various methods to identify and lure young girls for sex. Du claimed that the number of victims, including herself, far exceeds eight, among whom two are minors. Du stated that she had returned Wu the hush money, about 500,000 yuan ($77,166), in installments and was ready to go through legal procedures.

As of Sunday evening, the topic “NetEase interviewed Du Meizhu” had more than 204,000 comments and over1.66 billion views by Chinese netizens on Weibo. 

On the entertainment hot search list on Weibo, eight of the top 10 searches were related to Wu, the Global Times found.

Many netizens have called on brands to terminate their partnership with Wu.

On Sunday afternoon, brands including Lancome, Kiehl's, Wuhan-based snack brand Bestore, and Shanghai-based cosmetics Kans, hid their official microblogs with Wu.

In addition, a post by the official account of China Central Television News, which promoted Wu's new song in May, was also deleted.

Kans announced the termination of their cooperation with Wu at 7 pm on Sunday, while Bestore said that its agreement with Wu expired last November.

Wu and his team have made no reply about the latest interview since July 8 when they issued a legal statement saying that Du’s words were not true.