Campaign ‘GirlsHelpGirls’ launched on China’s social media in aftermath of pop star Kris Wu’s sex scandal
Published: Jul 19, 2021 05:13 PM
Kris Wu Photo: weibo

Kris Wu Photo: weibo

 As Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu's sex scandal continues to cause a ruckus, Chinese netizens, especially women internet users, have started a campaign with the hashtag "GirlsHelpGirls" on Monday after more young women came out to accuse the pop star of trying to seduce them. 

As of Monday night, a total of 24 young women have made accusations against Kris Wu.

The campaign is to support the women who have recently accused Wu of trying to seduce them even though they were underage. The first woman who stood out to accuse Wu was 19-year-old Du Meizhu.

Du accused Wu of getting her drunk to the point that she passed out. When she awoke, she found herself sleeping next to Wu and had had sex with him.

Du has further revealed that Wu used various methods to identify and lure young girls for sex. Du claimed that the number of victims, including herself, far exceeds eight, among whom two are still minors, and that when she had sex with Wu, she was also just 17 years old. Du stated that she had returned Wu's hush money, about 500,000 yuan ($77,166), in installments and was ready to go through legal procedures.

Many Chinese netizens posted their encouragement to Du and other women on Sina Weibo under the new hashtag, which has become one of the top hashtags on Sina Weibo.

The Sina Weibo entertainment account "Huihuo" has collected netizens' messages for Du on various social media platforms. 

"A woman should not be defined by sex or men. You are a fighter and we are proud of you. If you need any help, please speak up online," one woman wrote on Chinese media review platform Douban.

"We forever back you. Women should help women," wrote many netizens on the same platform.

The scandal has also exploded on overseas social media platforms. Some overseas voices are calling the campaign the Chinese version of the "Me too" campaign.

"If Kris Wu is proven guilty, I will never support him anymore. I will be his number one basher. I supported him until now but women's rights come first," one netizen wrote on Twitter. 

"I also stand with her. She is only 19 and is brave enough to speak for many other girls. You go girl, hope you have the justice," another netizen wrote on Twitter.

Some Wu fans have begun abandoning the idol, saying they are women first, then fans.

"We fans could accept he is in love as he is in his 30s and is not young, but what he did in Du's claimed accusations is really crossing the line, and [if what Du said is true], sexual assaulting minors is really too much," a fan who has supported Wu for more than six years, told the Global Times on Monday.

Other fans, together with some netizens, said they are waiting for an official investigation by authorities. Another fan of Wu noted on Monday that she is not sure if Du is telling the truth, but if all of the news about Wu is confirmed to be true, she supports punishing the star.

Wu and his team denied all the accusations on Monday and said that they had reported the case of Du harassing Wu to the police.

China Association of Performance Arts releases statement on Monday announcing that performers are an important subject in the spread of social and cultural values, and stating entertainers will be punished if they violate law.