One arrested for suspect of fraud in Kris Wu's teen sex scandal: Beijing police
Published: Jul 23, 2021 01:49 AM
Kris Wu Photo: weibo

Kris Wu Photo: Weibo

One suspect has been arrested on suspicion of fraud in the case of Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, who is mired in a scandal over sex with underage girls, Beijing police said Thursday, noting that the investigation is still ongoing.

Wu has been trapped in huge controversy and a dozen brands dropped their contracts as he was accused by Du Meizhu, an internet influencer who claims to be Wu's girlfriend, of luring underage women to have sex by claiming he was recruiting actresses. 

According to a statement by Beijing police on Thursday, both Du and Wu were scammed and had transferred money to a suspect surnamed Liu who was taking advantage of the scandal. As to the accusation of sex with teenagers, the police said they are still investigating. 

According to the statement, Du was invited by one of Wu's entertainment agents, a woman surnamed Feng, to Kris Wu's home on December 5, 2020. The agent said she was recruiting actresses for Kris Wu's music videos.

Du drank alcohol and had sex with Kris Wu the next morning. Kris Wu later transferred 32,000 yuan ($4,900) to Du online on December 8, 2020. The two kept in touch until April this year, police said.

However, Du said in a post on Sina Weibo following the police statement that she was forced to drink alcohol until she got drunk and was taken to Kris Wu's sleeping room. She denied she had consensual sex or stayed at Kris Wu's sleeping room. 

Police said that in June, Du and one of her friends decided to expose Du's relationship with Kris Wu to make a name on the internet. 

Another person surnamed Xu later joined in them to help them scale things up in order to profit through Weibo since July 16. 

Du also accused Wu of using his fans group leaders to contact good-looking female fans and pressuring girls into submission by using his influence in the entertainment industry. In the wake of Du's disclosure, others have exposed their experiences with Wu. 

Seeing the situation, Liu pretended to be one of the girls who was sexually assaulted by Kris Wu to win Du's trust, and obtained details of Du's interactions with Kris Wu. Liu then used these details to blackmail Kris Wu's team while, at the same time, pretended to be Kris's Wu's attorney to cheat Du.

Liu has pleaded guilty, police said.