Washington is ‘spiritual shelter’ of coronavirus: Global Times editorial
Published: Jul 23, 2021 11:03 PM
Through the lens. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Through the lens. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki on Thursday labeled China's rejection of the second phase of a probe into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "irresponsible" and "dangerous." Earlier on the same day, Chinese health officials criticized the planned probe for disregarding common sense and defying science, which China will not accept. 

After China expressed its stance, the White House pointed an accusing finger at China, earlier than the WHO and other countries. It said it's not just the US calling for this, but also its allies and partners. 

The world knows that the tracing of novel coronavirus origins, supposedly a scientific research, has been utterly politicized by the US. The US took the lead in demanding that the WHO investigate China. The Biden administration, together with US allies, has imposed unprecedented pressure on the WHO and forced the WHO to play a coordinating role for it to shirk responsibilities. Hence, the WHO made some absurd statements on China recently.

Perhaps we shouldn't blame the WHO for some of its anti-common sense and anti-science arrangements. The culprit is Washington. Last year, the administration of Donald Trump fell out with the WHO and maliciously attacked the WHO. It even withdrew from the WHO. At that time, the pressure on the WHO mainly came from the US alone. 

What is different this year is that the Biden administration made up with the WHO and wooed its allies to deny the result of the probe WHO experts did in Wuhan early this year and force the WHO to re-focus on a Wuhan lab. Such hoodwinking and oppression is nothing but evil, and the WHO can only go along with it on some key issues.

The US doesn't care about virus origins tracing at all. It's very difficult to trace the origins of the virus. In many cases, it may be still impossible to find a credible source even after hard work. At present, origins tracing is far from being as urgent and critical as saving lives. The US plays the origins tracing card, and directly takes China as a target. Its purpose is 100 percent political. Washington wants to continue to scapegoat China and strengthen the momentum of rallying allies to jointly crack down on China. 

Origins tracing has turned into a campaign of shouting slogans. The US claims that China is the country that first discovered the epidemic and launched the fight against the virus, which leaves the people of the world a general impression that the virus first appeared in China. However, scientists know that such an impression is very unreliable. Evidence has been found that early cases were detected in countries such as the US and Italy before the outbreak in Wuhan. The origins tracing work needs to be carried out all over the world. China, especially the lab in Wuhan that the WHO experts team investigated and concluded the virus was "extremely unlikely" leaked from, cannot be the only target. The US is using hooligan political tactics to mislead the world's public opinion.   

However, even if the US can manipulate the WHO's origins tracing arrangements, it can never intimidate China. China is not a small country that the US can willfully bully. China has the strength to defend scientific principles, fairness and justice in terms of the virus origins tracing. China has been cooperating with the WHO's various anti-pandemic work, including the investigations into the origins of the virus, but China has no obligation to accept the agency's anti-common sense and anti-science arrangements pressured by the US. 

We should show the world that the US, a political hooligan, can only shout but is unable to fulfill its bullying propositions. We should let the world see how justice finally defeats evil through these collisions. The US has the world's most advanced and abundant medical resources, but has fallen into a failed anti-epidemic situation. So far, over 610,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Leaders of the US should be sent to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for trial and be nailed on the pillar of shame forever. They should dig a hole and vanish from it in the world's public opinion field. They are in no position to talk about responsibility and morality over the pandemic.  

The US has screwed up the international origins tracing investigations. It has fundamentally destroyed the scientific environment for such investigations and created a complete geopolitical trick. Washington is the biggest spiritual shield for the coronavirus in the human world.

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