No dirty political tricks should be allowed at Tokyo Olympics: Global Times editorial
Published: Jul 24, 2021 12:42 PM


When NBC was broadcasting the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, it used an incomplete map of China. The Global Times confirmed with our correspondents at the Olympics that the map was added by NBC during its broadcast. It's not part of the official Olympic live-stream. Some netizens posted on Twitter that when the Chinese Olympic team appeared in the opening ceremony, NBC's narrator attacked China and asked the audience "not to forget Hong Kong and Xinjiang."For a long time, NBC has been vicious to China and some people have criticized it on Twitter.      

Chinese netizens are highly aware of the possibility that Japan might make an issue of the Taiwan question. Their worries are totally reasonable. Japan recently has often made out-of-line remarks over the Taiwan question, and we need to be very vigilant against it.  

We believe the Chinese Olympic Committee has carefully reviewed the arrangements in advance, and it's difficult for the Japanese side to find a loophole. But what we need to watch out for is the temporary arrangements. Some Japanese forces are likely to take advantage of the stage to play tricks.  

For instance, when the Chinese Taipei team walked in, videos the Global Times found show that the narrator introduced them as "Chinese Taipei team" and the subtitles on NHK's live-streaming were also "Chinese Taipei team." However, the narrator of the NHK used "Taiwan." This was obviously deliberate. We suggest the Chinese side should take the matter to NHK. As a public television station in Japan, NHK should be responsible as it broadcasts live images of the Olympics to the world. We cannot indulge any acts of it that undermines the "one China" principle. 

In terms of the marching order, it needs the participation of Olympic experts and experts on Japanese language to jointly review the rank of the Chinese Taipei team. If it were a well-grounded and agreed upon decision, there would be no problem. But if it were a temporary arrangement by the Japanese side, it's a different matter. 

In general, we need to keep our eyes open. We hope experts on Olympic issues can actively join in to assess the various suspicious acts pointed out by netizens in a timely manner. A joint effort is needed to combat Japanese forces who are attempting to take advantage of the Olympics to engage in political conspiracies. The Olympics is a holy stage. All dirty tricks need to be kicked out of it.