China keeps its word to impose counter-sanctions on US
Published: Jul 24, 2021 06:15 PM
China US Photo:GT

China US Photo:GT

To solve the problems of bilateral relations, we open our door for talks. However, if we are offended, we will resolutely fight back till the end. 

Facts prove that China has never gone back at its word.

On July 23, China announced to take reciprocal countermeasures and impose sanctions on seven US individuals and entity including former US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross according to the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of China.

This was a move responding to the so-called "Hong Kong Business Advisory" fabricated by the US that groundlessly smeared Hong Kong's business environment and illegally imposed sanctions on several officials of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

It bears out what China said earlier: "All the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, will not accept it and will certainly counterattack."

China's countermeasures didn't mean a surprise to the US. No more than three hours after China's announcement, the spokesperson of the White House said the US was "undeterred" by China's move, employing a misleading tactic that disguised the US, one who provoked China, as a "victim." 

It was not the first time for such tit-for-tat confrontation. With repeated and severe violation of international law and the basic norms governing international relations, the US has seriously interfered in China's domestic affairs, indulging in wishful thinking that China would compromise and even daydreaming that China would give up its core interests and issues of major concern.

However, China's resolution to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests is still indestructible, and the country never fears US provocations.

Washington should've waked up from its illusions. It shall abandon the belief that its long-arm jurisdiction works everywhere in the world, and stop deeming it possible for itself alone to define the range of the "guardrail" of China-US relations. The US must understand that when it waves the big stick of sanctions at Hong Kong, the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of China definitely works. Besides, the arbitrary practice of the White House is also opposed by the 1,300 American firms running businesses in Hong Kong, as it stands in the way of their market expansion in the special administrative region.

It's still remembered how China firmly counterattacked the US when the latter once again lifted sanctions on China over Hong Kong related issues on March 17, right before China was about to attend the high-level strategic dialogue between the two countries in the US.

Recently, the US just poured new wine into old bottles, spreading rumors and smearing China on issues related to Xinjiang, Hong Kong, human rights, and cybersecurity, as well as the Taiwan question. It also instigated China's surrounding countries to confront China, keeping acting as a "lecturer" and forming cliques. 

However, the US will never deter China by being an arrogant bully. It was, is and will always be so. 

The so-called "competition, cooperation and confrontation" approach for dealing with China by the US side is in essence defining China as a competitor, stoking confrontation and containing and suppressing China's development. This approach does not distinguish between the major aspect and minor aspect of China-US relations. It is not in line with the facts, the fundamental interests of the two peoples or the trend of the times. China maintains that mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation are the right way to conduct state-to-state relations. The history of China-US relations profoundly explains that the two countries stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation.

Only by overcoming ideological gap, respecting each other, seeking common ground while shelving differences, and focusing on common interests, can China and the US bring their relations back to the right track. 

The US shall work with China to make bilateral relations develop toward the right direction, and bear in mind the common interests of the two peoples and the people in the rest of the world, to pursue a new path of mutual respect, peaceful co-existence and win-win results, rather than reversing the wheels of history.

At present, the US must completely stop taking Taiwan and Hong Kong as pawns, and stop testing China on the its core interests and issues of major concern.

We Chinese are a people who uphold justice and are not intimidated by threats of force. As a nation, we have a strong sense of pride and confidence. We will never allow any foreign force to bully, oppress, or subjugate us. China will never surrender to hegemonism and power politics.

To solve the problems of bilateral relations, we open our door for talks. However, if we are offended, we will resolutely fight back till the end.This is how China handles the issue and it will never eat its words. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Zhong Sheng is a pen name often used by People's Daily to express its views on foreign policy.

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