Door of bilateral ties cannot be closed: China's new ambassador to US arrives for post, wishes US quick recovery from epidemic
Published: Jul 29, 2021 10:39 AM

The door of China-US relations cannot be closed, China's new ambassador to the US Qin Gang said on Wednesday, also noting that the bilateral relationship has come to a new critical juncture, facing not only many challenges but also great opportunities.

Qin delivered the speech to Chinese and American media upon arrival to his new post. He also cited the example of Dr. Henry Kissinger, who made a secret visit to China and opened the door to the normalization of China-US relations 50 years ago. 

"It was during the Cold War; at that time there was virtually no contact between the two countries. Dr. Kissinger had to travel covertly to China via a third country. Fifty years later today, as the 11th Chinese Ambassador to the US, I can travel openly and fly directly to this country," said Qin.

"How the world has changed with the passage of time! I believe that the door of China-US relations, which is already open, cannot be closed. This is the trend of the world, the call of the times, and the will of the people."

He also said that the bilateral relationship has once again come to a new critical juncture, and the two peoples and the international community hope for a stable relationship between the two countries.

"I look forward to working closely with them to safeguard the foundation of China-US relations, uphold the shared interests of our people, and endeavor to bring China-US relations back on track, turning the way for the two countries to get along with each other - mutual respect, equality, win-win cooperation and a peaceful coexistence - from a possibility into a reality," Qin said. 

He also wished the US an early victory against the epidemic.

Qin said on his newly opened Twitter account that he will start a 14-day self-quarantine in residence and get down to work soon.

Global Times