Chinese women's volleyball loses last chance in Tokyo’s quarterfinals, first time in 37 years
Published: Jul 31, 2021 03:32 PM
China women's volleyball team Photo:CFP

China women's volleyball team Photo:CFP

The Chinese women's volleyball team lost its last chance in competing in the quarterfinals as Turkey beat Argentina on Saturday. This is also the first time in 37 years that China has failed to reach the quarterfinals in its Olympics history.

Turkey beat Argentina 3-0, successfully securing themselves a spot in the next quarterfinals on Saturday afternoon.

China was set to grab its last chances in competing with Italy and Argentina with a slight of hope to fight into quarterfinals in Tokyo, after losing to the US, Russian Olympic Committee, and Turkey in a row.

Fans still express their support on social media after hearing the news, saying the girls have done a great job. The fans also wish a quick recovery to Zhu Ting.

China's captain Zhu Ting - considered the major contributor to China's glories in the last five years - is beleaguered by a wrist injury. 

Global Times

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