Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu was detained by Beijing police for suspected rape: local police
Published: Jul 31, 2021 10:38 PM
Wu Yifan Photo:VCG

Wu Yifan Photo:VCG

Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu was detained by Beijing police for suspected rape, police from Beijing's Chaoyang district announced on late Saturday night. 

According to the online report that "Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) repeatedly deceived young women to have sex" and other related circumstances, Wu (male, 30 years old, Canadian natinonal) is suspected of rape after police investigation, and has been detained by Public Security Bureau at Chaoyang district in accordance with the law, and the investigation work is being further carried out, the Chaoyang police authority announced in a post on Sina Weibo.

The announcement was immediately ranking among the top of trending on Sina Weibo, with many netizens calling for impartial probe into the matter and serious punishment for the criminal if the crime is proven, even if he was once a popular icon. Even more netizens gave thumps-up to the police.

Wu has been trapped in huge controversy and a dozen brands dropped their contracts as he was accused by Du Meizhu, an internet influencer who claims to be Wu's girlfriend, of luring underage women to have sex by claiming he was recruiting actresses.

Du previously revealed to media that Wu used various methods to identify and lure young girls for sex. Du claimed that the number of victims, including herself, far exceeds eight, among whom two are minors. Du stated that she had returned Wu the hush money, about 500,000 yuan ($77,166), in installments and was ready to go through legal procedures.

Du's sister said late Saturday night that "only after having experienced hellish torture can we have the power to conquer heaven. Our efforts are not in vain. All the injustices we suffer will turn into motivation. Thank you."

Beijing-based lawyer Wu Fatian said although Kris Wu is a Canadian national, according to the principle of territorial jurisdiction, the laws of the People's Republic of China apply to anyone who commits a crime in China, according to

People's Daily commented that foreign nationality is not a talisman. No matter how famous one is, there is no immunity. Whoever breaks the law will be punished by law. Remember: The higher the popularity, the more you must be self-disciplined; the more popular you are, the more you must abide by the law.

One has to abide by Chinese laws on Chinese lands. Chinese law neither wrongs nor connives anyone, and will hold the fact as the basis, reads a comment on the official Sina Weibo account of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China.

China Women's News commented that a society under the rule of law does not allow any dirt. No matter how dazzling the star is, no matter how famous it is, there is no privilege. No one can be above the law on the land of China! If suspected of illegal crimes, they must be investigated, and must be punished.

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