Beijing reports 3 new infections, all close contacts under quarantine; patient's residential compound sealed
Published: Aug 04, 2021 07:27 PM
Beijing Photo: VCG

Beijing Photo: VCG

Beijing reported three confirmed COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, two are family members of a patient confirmed on Sunday in Fangshan district and one Chaoyang district resident who had took the same flight with the previous patient. 

The Fangshan family had traveled to Zhangjiajie in Central China's Hunan Province, a key point on the infection chain of the recent outbreak. 

The Chaoyang resident surnamed Ma entered medical observation on Sunday after being found to be a close contact of a Fangshan patient. The two returned from South China's Hainan Province via the same flight on Friday, according to the city's epidemic control press briefing on Wednesday. 

Ma went for massage and dined out on Saturday, and was quarantined as a close contact the following day. 

Guofeng Shangguan community in northeastern Beijing's Wangjing area, where Ma lives, was sealed off early on Wednesday.

During the lockdown, residents are not allowed to leave the compound and they can contact volunteers or community workers for medical services or other needs. 

All residents will receive nucleic acid testing, and the place is being disinfected.  

Beijing has so far reported nine COVID-19 patients that are related to recent domestic flare-ups originating from Nanjing Lukou International Airport. 

The capital city has suspended transportation from cities that have reported new cases. 

Parks resumed the 75-percent capacity cap and universities have been closed again. 

Officials also exposed lax epidemic control measures in some places, including shopping malls not checking health codes of customers, people not wearing masks indoors and cold chain personnel not having routine nucleic acid testing. Health authorities urged the public to jointly carry out normalized control measures strictly to reduce transmission risks.