Successful Tokyo Olympics paves way for Beijing 2022: Global Times editorial
Published: Aug 08, 2021 09:34 PM
Tokyo Olympics Photo:VCG

Tokyo Olympics Photo:VCG


The Tokyo Olympics concluded on Sunday. After being overtaken by the US delegation on the final day, Team China ranked second in the medal table with 38 gold medals, 32 silver and 18 bronze. This is a good result and the Chinese public is very satisfied. We highly salute to Team China for their hard efforts.

The Tokyo Olympics took place amid a severe COVID-19 rebound, yet the  excitement and audience participation went beyond the expectations of prior public opinion. We believe it first and foremost displays the desire and will of human beings to refuse to yield to the heavy impact of the novel coronavirus and strive to maintain their own life and cultural pattern. This is a joint victory for and by all humanity. The success of the Tokyo Olympics has also given more certainty to the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics despite the interference of the virus.

The Tokyo Olympics was also held against the backdrop of serious geopolitical turmoil. Sports have once again shown their unique charm, giving the world a reason to stay away from politics. It has demonstrated the role of Olympics in boosting peace and promoting communications and understanding.

China's new type of whole nation system has proven its vitality through the Tokyo Games. Some Western media outlets have nitpicked with hype that China's whole nation system is "inhuman". Domestically in China, there is also similar opinion. However, the new iteration of this system has gone through various tests in the past years and has been in dynamic improvement. It is proven to be effective and also suitable for China in addition to being more and more supported by the Chinese public. 

Chinese society has engaged in debates about the longing for gold medals and reached a conclusion that medals are important for the Olympics. This is due to the nature of sports and athletes. 

As a matter of fact, every country is cultivating their own Olympic champions and excellent athletes, engaging with de facto whole nation efforts. The time has long gone when someone can win gold at the Olympic Games just due to their personal hobby. Without huge investment and institutional efforts, a country cannot have an Olympic gold medalist.

The US, China and Japan ranked top three on the Olympic Medal Count. The three countries are also the largest three economies of the world. This isn't a coincidence. India's delegation won only one gold and seven medals in total at Tokyo, reflecting there is still a long way ahead for the country to realize modernization.

Although the Games were carried out with no audiences in the stadiums, people were enthusiastic about the Games. Despite the fact that there are hot topics about floods, COVID-19 epidemic, and sex scandals circulating on China's social media platforms, the Tokyo Olympic Games have been the focus of netizens in the past two weeks. 

The world should properly take the chance to promote common values. The Olympics provide a stage for all countries' patriotism, and the Games have actually helped coordinate those different patriotic practices and prevent extremism from spreading under the name of the Olympics.

In about half a year, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held. Some Western politicians have already started their hype about diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 and imposed pressure on Olympic sponsors. This is political extremism, which is the largest enemy of the Olympic Games and also the biggest threat to humanity's unity. 

However, the Olympics itself can convey positive emotions. It will not fall prey to evil things. After the success of the Tokyo Olympics, we can all expect the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to be another success, offering the global public an exciting event and ushering in an enthusiastic participation as well.