Approval process of BioNTech-Fosun mRNA vaccine supported by multiple Chinese authorities: Fosun chairman
Published: Aug 25, 2021 03:33 PM
Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

The approval process of the COVID-19 BioNTech-Fosun mRNA vaccine is progressing normally and it is fair and transparent, Fosun International chairman Guo Guangchang said in response to investors' questions during the company's 2021 interim results conference in Shanghai on Wednesday morning. 

"The clinical trials and approval of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in China have been supported and cared for by multiple departments including the joint prevention and control mechanism, the National Medical Products Administration, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai government. Related matters are currently proceeding normally in accordance with procedures," Guo said. 

According to a note sent to the Global Times by Fosun on Wednesday, revenue of Fosun International during the first half of this year reached 70.4 billion yuan ($10.88 billion) and the net profit attributable to shareholders amounted to 4.06 billion yuan, which Guo attributed to Fosun's years-long layout as well as the rapid growth of domestic tourism, retail and catering industries thanks to brilliant epidemic prevention and control in China. 

Fosun's initial intention to develop the vaccine which was co-developed by Fosun Pharma and German-based BioNTech was to provide the country with another choice for China's sake, Guo noted, expecting that the vaccine can hit the Chinese market as soon as possible to contribute to the domestic epidemic prevention effort. 

Guo also noted that the vaccine is just one of the company's products. The company has also been promoting the R&D of several drugs for COVID-19, including a drug of comprehensive antibodies developed by the group's biopharmaceutical company Henlius. 

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group announced it would establish a joint venture with the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech SE for the local production and commercialization of mRNA vaccines in China this May.

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