Political parties in Arab countries speak against politicizing the coronavirus origins probe
Published: Aug 25, 2021 11:36 PM
Coronavirus Photo: VCG

Coronavirus Photo: VCG

Members from 28 political parties in 13 Arab countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine and Iraq, expressed their support for China's reiterated calls for a probe on the origins of the coronavirus in a scientific way, and lambasted the US and other countries for politicizing the search for the origins of the virus.

The declaration of support was announced during an online meeting held by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on Wednesday. During the meeting, Zhu Rui, an official from the department, criticized the US for politicizing the probe on the origins of the coronavirus after reports said that the investigation by the US intelligence ended with inconclusive results. 

Zhu said that the US has been using the issue of the coronavirus origins to manipulate opinion, mix right and wrong, and try to use a "presumed" investigation to throw mud at China, adding that such moves severely sabotaged the international fight against COVID-19.

He also reiterated China's stance against politicizing the coronavirus origins probe and its willingness to join hands with Arab countries to uphold justice and contribute to the world's battle against the virus.

Participants from Arab countries unanimously voiced their support to China's repeated calls to seek the origins of the coronavirus in a scientific way and chastened attempts by some countries to use the coronavirus origins probe to serve their own political interests.

Mahdi Dakhlallah, a leading member of Syria's ruling al-Baath party, said during the meeting that it is not strange that the US has weaponized the coronavirus origins probe since it does not really care about solving the puzzle but using it to scold other countries like China. He also urged to look for the coronavirus origins through scientific means instead of using it to serve political purposes.

The participants in the meeting called for efforts from countries that uphold justice to fight against politicizing the coronavirus origins probe.

Participants also expressed their gratitude to China's moves to help Arab countries in their fight against COVID-19, including sending vaccines and sharing China's experience. They expect China will continue to offer support.

In late July, 55 countries including Grenada, Kiribati and Solomon Islands submitted letters to the World Health Organization Director-General concerning the COVID-19 origins study and jointly opposed the politicization of the issue. This fully reflected the support of the international community for justice.