HK secessionist singer Denise Ho’s concert canceled
Published: Sep 02, 2021 01:55 AM
HK Photo:VCG

HK Photo:VCG

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, who is also a radical anti-government figure and has close connections with secessionists like Joshua Wong, revealed on social media Tuesday that the location she booked for concerts from September 6-12 has canceled the reservation.  

The reason given by Hong Kong Arts Center for the cancelation was possible failure to guarantee public order and safety during the performance, Ho said on Facebook. Hong Kong media reports said that Ho was being closely watched due to her suspected involvement in activities jeopardizing national security in Hong Kong.

In a notice sent from the Hong Kong Arts Center upon Ho’s further inquiry, the center said the cancelation of the concert was based on its regulation terms. The management of the center is duty bound to observe closely the recent developments in society and the related laws. 

Some netizens connected the cancelation to earlier reports that Ho was being watched by law-enforcement departments for stirring up chaos in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong news outlet Sing Tao Daily reported on August 24 that the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, of which Ho is one of the trustees, announced it will halt operation. The fund was set up to provide legal and financial aid for arrested “black terror” participants. 

Another local media outlet, the Standard, reported that the fund and its operators are under police investigation. Hong Kong Secretary of Security Chris Tang Ping-keung on August 27 revealed an investigation into an organization that raises funds for arrested protesters, without explicitly saying the name of the fund. 

Ho attended a US congress hearing with Joshua Wong in September 2019 that called for the US to apply sanctions over Hong Kong. 
Following the implementation of the National Security law for Hong Kong and the Hong Kong electoral reform, the general public can now express their opposition and discontent towart troublemaking secessionists, observers said, noting that secessionists will pay the price for their behavior and will face justice.