High time to wake up from fanatical ‘fan circle’ culture
Published: Sep 03, 2021 11:55 PM
Illustration: Xia Qing/Global Times

Illustration: Xia Qing/Global Times

While teenagers have always chased after celebrities, today's young "idol" worshippers are taking matters to concerning extremes. Gone are the days when celebrities served as role models to exemplify what hard work could accomplish. "Fan circle" culture today is witnessing youths supporting scandal struck starlets. They spend their idle time following these idols and spending massive amounts of money on them - and frequently engaging in verbal abuse of other celebrities' fans. The Cyberspace Administration of China on August 27 published a notice on enhancing rectification with specific measures over the sick parts of fan circle culture in the entertainment industry. The government's interventions have come just in time. Teenagers, whose minds are still immature, make up the majority of fan circles. Such toxic fan culture could play a very negative role for adolescents' development. Furthermore, the rectification of the fan circle is also conducive for forming a healthy competitive environment in the entertainment industry. 

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