Taiwan actor Danson Tang hailed for showing respect to CPC history, martyrs
Published: Sep 04, 2021 10:04 PM
Photo: Tang Yuzhe

Photo: Tang Yuzhe

Netizens from the Chinese mainland praised and supported actor Danson Tang from the island of Taiwan after he was criticized by some pro-Democratic Progressive Party media for visiting revolutionary sites in the mainland and expressing appreciation for the Communist Party of China (CPC) martyrs.

The pictures were released Tuesday on Tang's Sina Weibo account. The site Tang visited is the Gutian Meeting Site in East China's Fujian Province.

The Gutian Meeting, held in December 1929, set the tone for the CPC army's political work during the revolutionary era and established the principle of absolute leadership of the CPC over the army.

Tang, 37, said that he appreciated the sacrifice of revolutionary martyrs that brought a happy life for the Chinese people. He also uploaded pictures of the site on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

The posts were hailed by netizens from the mainland as they believed Tang sent a positive message to young people across the Straits. They noted that his actions should be encouraged unlike some other celebrities or brands, they usually write similar posts only on Sina Weibo or apologized only on Sina Weibo when making certain mistakes while saying nothing on their overseas social media platforms.  

"Some celebrities from the island don't dare to show a clear stance on the Taiwan question. Tang should be a great example," one Weibo user commented. 

However, Tang's posts also caught the attention from media on the island which are close to the secessionist DPP. He was criticized by them as "bowing down to the renminbi."

"Even if his purpose was to make money, it is a good attitude, much better than two-faced celebrities hurting Chinese people's feelings on overseas platforms while making money on the mainland," said a Sina Weibo user.

Some netizens also mocked that they can see the island media's hearts breaking and the pieces falling to the ground. 

Tang used to be one of the most famous idol stars when Taiwan drama was popular throughout the mainland in early 21th century. He occupied one of the leading roles in the science fiction TV series KO One and The X-Family.

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